The convenience of the garage door openers allows you to get into your garage from either the comfort of your vehicle or by using the keypad mounted on the wall. This added convenience is no more evident than when the garage door opener stops working. Once the keypad stops working you may be unable to even open the door manually from the outside. Hiring a garage door opener repair Marietta GA professional will ensure that the repairs are done quickly and efficiently. Here are some ways you can troubleshoot broken garage door opener problems.

Inspect the Track


Troubleshooting the garage door problem begins by inspecting the track the garage door rolls along. The track should be secured to the wall by bolts and they should be tight. The track should not have any obstructions or bent sections of the track that could inhibit the rollers of the door from ridding up and down smoothly. If you see that a section is bent you can easily fix this with a small piece of wood and a rubber mallet. Place the wood along the rail section that is bent and use the mallet to hammer the wood back into place. Once the rails are straight again you can use a silicon lubricant spray to ensure the rollers will glide along the track effortlessly.

While you have the garage door opened halfway, take a close look to see if the door is even from side to side along the width of the entire door. If the door is uneven, this will stop the door from opening and closing no matter if you use the garage door keypad or remote opener. Many times this can be from a loose bolt or the rollers coming out of alignment. The other problem this can cause is if there is an uneven door resting on the ground, rain, debris, and small creatures can easily fit in that opening and find shelter inside your garage.

Inspect the Torsion Spring

When your garage door is experiencing trouble opening due to broken torsion springs, you should never attempt to fix this issue on your own. The springs are under a tremendous amount of pressure and if they come loose they could cause significant injury to anyone standing within a close distance of the area. This is when you should contact garage door opener repair Marietta GA professionals who can come to your home and replace or repair the springs quickly for you.

Test the Reverse Function

Visually check to make sure your garage door is functioning properly by performing a test of the reverse feature and force setting. When your garage door is closing if anything comes in the path of the door it should immediately reverse direction to protect your family and vehicle. The bottom of the rails has a sensor that can tell if any obstruction has entered the path of the garage door and stop its progress and send it back to the open position. Check to make sure the sensors are not obstructed and that they are securely attached. If the sensor becomes loose and is pointing at the ground the garage door will not function properly. It will continue to try to stay open because it thinks that there is something blocking the path of the door.


Simple maintenance like lubricating the rollers and the rails with a silicon spray is a great way to prevent a jam. Checking that all the bolts along the rail are tight and straight will ensure the door opens and closes smoothly. Contact a garage door opener repair Marietta GA professional when you experience trouble with your keypad or the torsion spring. Troubleshooting is a great way to identify simple maintenance concerns, but if the problem is more involved an expert is needed for your own safety.

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