Anytime of day you should feel confident that your home is safe for yourself and loved ones. Security features for your home is an extremely important issue today for all families no matter where you live. Crime is present in even the most exclusive communities today. Your garage is the largest entry point into your home. If left unsecure, the garage can allow the wrong people access to your home and inner sanctum. One safety feature people ignore is allowing people to see into your garage. Keeping your garage door open when you leave to run a few errands can be very dangerous. It gives a robber an invitation to steal anything stored in your garage and access to your home. At All 4 Seasons Garage Doors, our experienced team for garage door openers Atlanta GA can install a new opener to help with easy opening and closing of your garage door without breaking your back. The mechanism used to open the garage door stabilizes the door and once the door is shut, it is difficult to open without a door control.

Are Keypads with Secure Key Codes a Safer Option?

Our experienced team for garage door openers Atlanta GA can install a keypad to open your garage door. This system for opening your door is advantageous when multiple people are using the garage as the main entry into your home. It’s easy and convenient for everyone. No longer will the last person using the hand control need to worry where it is located. No more worry over losing front door keys either. If you normally forget to lock your car, you will not have to worry about someone stealing your control only to return to rob your home. Keypads are mounted on the outside of the garage in an obscure spot not visible to the street. You and your family will only need to remember a number code to open the door. This numerical code is called the key code, it is usually 4 digits. A key code can be any order of numbers but one that is easy to remember. This 4 digit key code will send a message to the main control on the door to open it. Any number of people can know this code but it is advisable for safety to allow the main family this code. For deliveries, our team for garage door openers Atlanta GA can show you how the system allows an additional code that can be changed after the delivery is made.

What Key Codes to Avoid for Your Safety

Did you know that most safety codes start with the digits 19? The majority of the population was born in the 1900s, which makes the use of any number in the 1900s for the key code very common. Unfortunately, this gives a thief the first 2 numbers to work with leaving only two digits to locate. If the thief knows your age, he can guess the remaining 2 numbers. Using birth dates is not advisable because birth dates are easily found on driver’s licenses and IDs, which are carried in wallets. A savvy robber with experience knows to try this information first to gain access into your home. Carrying a list of your family’s birthdays in your purse, then using any of those birthdates for key codes is not suggested. Anything that can be found in your wallet or purse is a target for a thief.

Choose Your Key Codes Wisely

It is essential to choose you key codes wisely for your garage door openers Atlanta GA. Everyone would like their code to be easy to remember, the easier it is for you to remember the easier it is for someone else to crack. Many systems will start you off with the code of “1234” or “1111.” Experienced hackers can easily break this code by assuming you were too busy to change it. Don’t be caught with using the manufacturer’s code, everyone knows these codes. Remember the numbers that can be found on your driver’s license or anywhere in your wallet will help a robber gain access to your home. 

Here are a few Key codes that have been over used:

• Numbers in sequence – 1234 or 9876
• Repeated numerals- 1111, 2222
• Your street address – the thief can look right at the number on your mailbox.
• Last 4 digits of your phone number
• Your Social Security number in any form
• Your Birthday, or your child’s birthday

Choose Numbers that People Will Not Automatically Guess

There are numbers that have meaning to you and your family. They are not as noticeable to the outside world. These numbers will have clues that can help even the youngest member of your family. Random numbers are the hardest to remember. Giving your youngster a card with a clue without the actual number will help them remember the code. It is advisable not to share these numbers with their friends and allow their friends to watch them punch the code into the keypad. Any event or happening that is special to your family is a good choice. As long as it cannot be found written anywhere on the things you carry. It is all for the security of the family these days.

Here are a few ideas that a family can use for key codes:

• Pet’s birthday year
• Year of an old family car
• The digits of an old address that you used to live
• The digit from their grandparent’s or favorite neighbor’s home
• Year of a special sports event

Change your key codes at least every 3 months. Change it sooner if you suspect someone has seen you put the code into the system. For your family’s safety, this is important. Finding new codes can be a hassle. There are several websites on the Internet that can help you devise strong codes. Keep in mind, the easier the code is for you to remember, the easier it will be for a thief to hack into your home.

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