Insulation Cuts Energy Costs

The majority of houses throughout the nation have garage doors made of wood, metal or fiberglass. Many times their owners do not realize the energy that is lost when these garages are not properly insulated. This is especially true of garage doors in Atlanta GA. The average temperature in this part of the country is 52 degrees in January and 89 degrees in July. This area also has 4.20 inches of rain in January and 5.29 inches in July. This means either the furnace or the air conditioner is in use most of the year.

A garage that is not insulated lets the temperature seep in and get into the house through the connecting door. Having it properly insulated is energy efficient. This will reduce high-energy bills and save money.

Types of Insulation

There are a number of different types of insulation on the market. The Department of Energy has established a minimum required R-value, which is a measurement of the product’s resistance to heat. Common insulation materials are loose fiberglass, cellulose, mineral wool and rigid sheets. These are rated from 3.2 per inch to 6.5 per inch.

Many people who do their own work often use fiberglass, which is available in rolls, batts, and blankets. Cellulose is also popular and can be sprayed on. Some people hire a contractor who puts up sheetrock and blows fiberglass or mineral wool into the ceiling and walls. The most practical product to use is Rigid Insulation, which can easily be cut to fit the door and provides the best padding against cold and heat.

Insulation Gives You Extra Space

Some residents with garage doors Atlanta GA have found that insulating them and the rest of the garage provides an excellent opportunity to have an extra room. It can become a workshop, playroom, bedroom, office, or an area that will provide an opportunity to enjoy extra space. Since the majority of washers and dryers are located in the garage, this also makes that activity much more comfortable.

Turning a garage into a room is not difficult when the space is completely insulated and sheetrock is put on the walls. Two by fours are already in place so this is not difficult. Authorities recommend the floor be insulated with a sheet of R-4 insulation material, which has been found to be the best for use on concrete. In this case, it is best to build a wall in front of the garage door to prevent air from seeping in through the small openings surrounding it.

Once this has been done, the area can be treated as any other room with bright paint, a floor covering, special lighting, selected heat and so forth. It is a great opportunity to develop a family room with a TV, games and comfortable furniture. Some people develop it into a children’s area where all toys are kept. This relieves the clutter that many experience when there are young children about. It is also excellent for older children who want their own space.

Whether a garage is kept for car and storage use or transformed into a room, it is important that it be properly insulated. For people in the area this starts with the garage doors Atlanta GA. Just insulating the door will make a huge difference in protecting the car and the stored items. This investment will pay for itself in a very short time in energy savings, as well as providing immediate comfort when entering the garage. Imagine getting into a warm or cool car in the morning, when going to work, rather than waiting for the heater or air conditioner to do its job. This makes proper garage door installation well worth the cost.

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