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Garage Door Openers in Atlanta

Since 1999, we have served the Atlanta area with high-quality garage door openers and installation services. When you need a replacement in a pinch, don’t leave your garage wide open to the elements and prying eyes. Trust our professional team and efficient installations to install a new system safely, quickly, and on your budget.

Get a free estimate from our esteemed staff of expert technicians by calling today. All we need is the height of your door and a few details about what you need.

What Garage Door Opener Do You Need?

There are several types of openers that serve different purposes. They each have unique benefits, so be sure to speak with our team about which one is best for you. We install the most cutting-edge modern door opener devices to ensure every client walks away satisfied. We sell and service most brands to ensure consistency.

Ultimate guide to Garage


Many local residences use these garage door openers in Atlanta. They are reliable and quiet. While a belt-driven unit may cost slightly more than other options, it can be a worthwhile investment due to how well it works. It is an industry favorite that has been popular in the Atlanta area for convenience and consistency.


The benefit of this type is that it doesn’t sit on the ceiling of garages. Its mounted on the wall instead. This is a great application for high lifted garage doors and allows more space and a clean look.

Built-in vibration isolation system keeps noise and vibration from being transferred to the rest of the house. Industry leading performance with variable speed operation, soft start/stop, and ultra quiet motor.

Chain Driven

These are reliable and affordable but can be noisy. It can be inconvenient when the garage is near a bedroom where someone may be sleeping. If noise is not a factor, you can save money by opting for this slightly less high-tech version.

Screw Driven

This type will not fare well in areas with fluctuating weather patterns. Consistency in temperature is ideal for functioning. This device is slow and noisy but is much more affordable than any other option. (This is an opener style that is no longer installed, but we are happy to repair any customers existing screw driven openers.)

Professional Installation Process

Our team has spent years in the industry accumulating experience, training, and knowledge. With this comes the expertise that they bring to every single job. When you choose to work with All Four Seasons for garage door openers Atlanta services, you choose excellence. You choose consistency, longevity, safety, and a replacement that will last.

The installation process is quick and efficient as we use commercial grade angle iron to install as well as to avoid intruding on your home space. Our friendly technicians can answer questions and ensure customer satisfaction.

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“Great service. They’ll lay out all the the options for you and help you make an informed decision on whether you need a new door or repair. No pressure and knowledgeable service guys who do a great job.”

Jeff H.


“In this world of fly by night rip off contractors … I highly recommend … As looking at a $1000 replacement door issue… I ask Technician Sam if there is anything we can do to repair .. Although not warranted … He recommended and made the repair. $80. I have already referred to 3”

Davis M.