An important part of a home security check is to make sure that the garage door is secure and in working order. The garage is an extension of the home and if connected can be a source of entry for burglars. Windows, doors, and cameras should all be inspected as part of the garage security check. Outside landscaping and lighting should also be gone over as well. The garage door is often the source of break-ins. Any problems found should be repaired by a specialist right away like someone who does garage door repair Atlanta GA (hint: All 4 Seasons Garage Doors).

Checking garage door parts

If the garage door does not have an automatic opener, then the inspection is fairly routine. Checking all doors requires that a person look at the physical locking mechanism, the tracks that the door opens and closes on, and any windows that are in the door itself. The lock should always be in good shape with no nicks, wear, or rust. Any item that looks like it has been tampered with, worn down, or rusty should always be replaced. If the lock is in good shape, then the next step is to look at the tracks. The garage door tracks should not be bent, rusty, filled with debris, or missing pieces of the track.

Garage door windows

Once the inspection on the track is complete the next step is to look at the windows that are in the garage door. Windows should always be intact, secured through window trim, and all locking mechanisms should work properly so that windows can always be locked. Check to make sure that the windows are all held in securely with the screws and bolts that they were installed with, burglars can loosen a window as a means of access when they prepare to break into a home through the garage. Finding a possible point of entry is easy with a quick check of the garage as often as possible. Anything that is found amiss should be checked out by a professional such as All 4 Seasons Garage Doors, who specializes in garage door repair Atlanta GA.

Checking doors with a garage door opener

Garage doors equipped with openers are a little tougher to inspect than traditional garage doors but only because of the system that opens the door. The same instructions above are also part of the process of inspecting a garage door with an opener. Once the above checks are complete, homeowners should check the opener to make sure it is working properly. The batteries should be checked with a meter or replaced altogether to ensure that the opener works when required. The opener should also be tested for balance to make sure that the door is opening and closing evenly on the track. This helps stop problems like doors coming off the track. The next important thing is to check the closer to see if the auto-reverse feature is working properly so that no one or nothing can get crushed under the door. Check to make sure the door reverses if it hits something on the way closed is very important to safety.

Safety suggestions

Some other suggestions that experts have when it comes to inspecting and securing a garage door is to keep an eye out for someone that seems particularly interested in the garage itself or items in the garage. Watch for tracks and footprints, look for broken windows, physically check locks, and watch out for someone hiding in the shadows around the garage. Any problems that are found or if something looks suspicious it is best to call an expert like All 4 Seasons Garage Doors for garage door repair Atlanta GA.

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