Choosing a garage door for the home is easy because you only consider the style and function. However, when you are looking for a commercial garage door, there are many other factors you have to think about and most importantly, the strength and durability of the door. When you are operating a business which has a loading and unloading inventory, the door will be opened and closed hundreds of times in a day. Below is what you need to know about doors and tips on choosing the best type for your needs.

How roll up doors work

A roll up garage door is made up of curtains, springs, guides, and the operator. In commercial doors, the guides are heavy structural steel. The springs are hidden in the barrel and hood. The curtain then has a continuous hinge which makes it easy for the door to be rolled up and down. The pros of using this door are that the guides do not wear out quickly as they are made of structural steel. They also do not need as much maintenance as other types of doors. Rolling doors typically cost a little more than other types of doors. However, their durability and efficiency as commercial garage doors make up for their high initial cost.

When choosing a commercial garage door, there are certain considerations you need to make.

The type of door

The kind of door that you pick also matters a lot. The most common types of garage doors include sectional doors, rolling doors, and sheet doors. When making a decision, you should put these three-door models side by side and compare them regarding their durability, the cost of maintenance, operation, energy efficiency and the initial cost. For instance, a sectional door is the easiest and the most energy efficient of the three. On the other hand, the rolling doors are more durable and have a lower maintenance cost. It is recommended that people looking for commercial garage doors should look for good brands of rolling doors.

The Opener

You need to decide whether you want a hand operated garage door or an electric one. Commercial garage doors need to be opened several times in a day, and this can be tiring if it is being done manually. Besides, the level of injury that the door will cause an employee when they keep opening and closing the door could even lead to legal issues. It is advisable to pick a door with a power opener. When buying the commercial opener, make sure that you purchase the horsepower which is needed to handle the weight of the door and also the frequency with which the door will be opened.

Durability and Security of the Door

A commercial garage door is the largest and the simplest way for outsiders to access your business premises. It is therefore important to make sure that the door you have chosen is secure. Consider the value of your inventory and pick a door which assures you maximum security at all times. The durability of the door is also important here because you do not want to waste precious business time trying to make repairs to doors that just won’t open and close and need constant maintenance. If a low-quality door keeps jamming, your productivity will be reduced significantly.

Those are the things to bear in mind when choosing a commercial garage door. It is also recommended that you pick a door whose spare parts are easy to access as this also lowers the cost of maintenance. Before purchasing a door, ensure that it meets all the specifications put in place for garage doors.

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