Most garage owners tend to underestimate the value of a quality garage door. A good garage door adds a curb appeal, provides utility and security, and increases the value of the property. Keeping such factors in mind, you might find it important to upgrade, replace, or service your old garage door. After 6-8 years most parts of a garage door begin to wear out and eventually fail to function properly. There several dangers posed children and garage doors. For instance, playing children may cause the door to collapse and fall on valuable property. It is important to take precautionary measures or ensure that you get high-quality, durable garage doors.

Most garage owners are not aware that the garage door manufacturers do not post warnings or precautionary measures of their products. For example, a spring may wear out after five years of service causing severe damage. Ensure that you replace Garage door springs after every five years. You do not have to wait for an accident to fix or service garage door parts.

Types of injuries

Garage doors are now safer than before due to the installation of automatic photo-eye sensors. However, there are other hazards posed by such electronic photo-eye sensors. Each year, thousands of people suffer from garage door injuries. Some of the common garage door injuries are:

Fingers get caught in different parts of the garage door thus causing severe bleeding and bruises.

Garage doors may also fall on people or property thus causing damages or death in severe cases.

Injuries to individuals who attempt to repair garage doors by themselves.

Precautionary Measures to take on Children and Garage Doors

Fortunately, there are precautions you can take to ensure that your loved ones are safe from garage door dangers. The following are some of the steps you can take to ensure garage door safety:

a) Always keep your body parts such as hands away from a moving garage door. Doing so helps you to avoid incidents leading to injuries.

b) Do not let people hang on the garage door. More adventurous kids might like to play with moving doors. Children hanging on the door may get injured or damage the door.

c) Do not duck under a door while it is in operation. Even if the installation of a photo-eye sensor may give you the confidence duck under the door, there are changes that the door may close on someone or fail to function.

d) Regularly check on the door. A well maintained garage door reduces possible dangers. A well maintained garage door is cost effective because it requires little or no repairs.

The most prudent thing you should do is to install a photo-eye sensor. Most people have found them useful because they significantly reduce accidents. However, most older homes and older garage doors do not have these sensors that could prevent a situation where a child or pet  is pinned by a garage door.

Garage Door Dangers

Garage door springs operate under high tension because most doors weigh more than 300 pounds. If one spring is faulty or breaks, it is dangerous to people standing close to it. The door may accidentally slam down quickly, damage your vehicle or injury you. You need to prepare for wear and tear of springs.

Steel hardware parts are prone to rust. Once the metallic parts rust, they become weak. You need to regularly lubricate metallic parts to keep the door in good condition. Lubricating door parts increases durability and reduces replacement costs. For parts that are worn out, replacing them is the best solution to avoid accidents.

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