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Hey there, I’m Dan Watkins from All Four Seasons Garage Doors. In this video, I’m going to walk you through the most typical problems you might encounter with your garage door.

We’ll look at understanding the key differences between issues that stem from the garage door itself and the garage door opener. You’ll get to know the major culprits – from broken springs, gear and sprocket problems, rollers, to garage door sensors, and I’ll guide you on how to detect these problems before they become major issues.

Join me as I share my professional insights to help you keep your garage door running smoothly and efficiently. Stick with me, and we’ll keep your garage door in top condition together.

Broken Springs:

Just like brake pads in your car, torsion and extension springs can break over time due to regular use. Keeping up with maintenance is key to preventing sudden breaks.

There are two primary types of springs used in garage doors: torsion springs and extension springs.

Torsion Springs:

Torsion springs, mounted horizontally above the garage door opening, work by utilizing torque. When the door is closed, the cables attached to the bottom corners of the door pull on pulleys attached to the ends of the metal rod where the springs are installed. This action winds the springs, storing energy. When the door is opened, the springs unwind and the stored energy helps lift the door.

Torsion springs are considered safer and more suitable for heavier or double doors. They also last longer (up to twice as long) compared to extension springs. However, torsion springs can be more expensive and harder to install.

Extension Springs:

Extension springs, mounted on either side of the garage door parallel to the overhead tracks, work by extending and contracting. When the door is lowered, the springs contract and store energy. When the door is lifted, the springs extend, releasing the stored energy to assist in lifting the door.

Extension springs are less expensive and easier to install, making them a common choice for most residential doors. However, they don’t last as long as torsion springs and can pose a risk if they break without a safety cable, as they can shoot off and cause injury or damage.

Gear and Sprocket Issues:

These components are part of your garage door opener and can become stripped, causing your door to malfunction.

The garage door opener’s motor powers the gear and sprocket assembly, turning the gears, which in turn moves the chain or belt. This chain or belt is connected to the trolley that pulls the J-arm, which is attached to the door itself, allowing the garage door to move up or down.

Over time, due to continual usage, the gears in the assembly can become stripped or worn out. This is often due to the high stress they experience during door operation, especially when the door isn’t balanced properly. If the gear and sprocket fail, the garage door opener’s motor runs, but the door remains stationary. You may hear the motor working, but see no movement of the door. In some cases, you might even notice white shavings, which are the residues of the stripped plastic gear, near the opener.

Faulty Rollers:

Your garage door generally has 10 rollers; if they’re of lesser quality, they’re likely to cause problems. I recommend high-quality 10-ball-bearing rollers for a long-lasting solution.

Malfunctioning Garage Door Sensors:

These sensors in your opener must align correctly and be wired properly. Any discrepancies can halt your garage door operations.

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