To some people, a garage door is a garage door. But when you are considering replacing or buying a new garage door, it is important to think about what the door will be made of, among many other things. Some of the most common materials used for garage doors in Sandy Springs, GA, and across the country, are steel, wood, and aluminum.


If you’re thinking about a steel garage door, note that there are varying qualities of steel. The ideal thickness for steel garage door panels is between 24-26 gauge. The lower the number, the thicker and stronger the door will be. In addition, while steel garage doors are generally the most affordable if you have children who like to play sports in the driveway in Sandy Springs, GA, be aware that you may eventually have dents in your door as a result. Steel doors also tend to rust if they are not kept up – so if you do not see yourself being prepared to regularly maintain your garage door, then a steel door may not be the best option for you. However, steel doors that have a layer of fiberglass over them will last much longer and will help prevent rust and dents. In general, steel doors come with very reasonable warranties, ranging anywhere from 10 years to life.


Wood doors are often the most visually appealing, which, depending on your needs, maybe just right for you. Most wood doors need to be repainted regularly and may not last as long as, for example, steel doors. However, it is easy to customize wood doors to look exactly how you would like to match the rest of your home. They also won’t show evidence of your children’s activities as easily as steel doors will. Depending on several factors, wood doors are generally more expensive and do not have warranties that last as long as steel doors. Still, wood is a traditional, beautiful material and can be very suitable for those looking to maintain or improve the appearance of their home.

Wood composite is also an option to consider because its weight and cost are lower. Wood composite doors have strength similar to that of steel doors.


The main advantages of aluminum garage doors in Sandy Springs, GA are that they are light but durable and do not rust. If the aluminum is strong enough, it will not dent as easily. Because of their weight, aluminum doors are generally very appropriate for double garage doors. Overall, aluminum doors are comparable to steel ones. For those on a budget, aluminum doors are a good option to consider. However, they do not offer as much as wood doors in the way of curb appeal.

Other Factors

\In addition to wood, steel, and aluminum, fiberglass, vinyl, and plastic are also used for garage doors. There are many factors to think about when deciding what material and what kind of door to go with:

  • Are you looking more for style or function?
  • How long do you want your door to last? (What is the warranty like on the door you are thinking about?)
  • Are you opposed to regular garage door maintenance?
  • The weather – how important is it that your garage is well insulated? What will you be keeping in the garage?
  • How often will you be opening and closing the door? Will you want an electric opener? (Does the weight of the door matter to you?)


Though it may seem overwhelming to evaluate the pros and cons of different garage door materials, there are many good reasons to replace your garage door, and the thought you put into it now is sure to serve you well in the long term. Our team here at All 4 Seasons is happy to help answer any questions you may have! We offer a wide selection of garage doors in Sandy Springs, GA, as well as garage door installation and repair services!