How your Garage Door Works

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The garage door is one of the most frequently used fixtures at home. For this reason, its operating mechanism may require periodic adjustment and regular maintenance to keep in good working condition. Understanding the systems operating mechanism will also enable you to undertake simple safety procedures. However, tasks such as door installation and spring, track and roller replacement and repair services require a professional.

The garage door with the help of the garage door opener uses a counterbalance system that provides a force capable of offsetting the door’s weight to ensure the door opens and closes. To ensure proper spring balance, the weight of the spring must balance with the weight of the door. The two main counterbalancing systems in garage doors are torsion spring system and the extension spring system. The spring is used in both systems to provide force.

Torsion Spring System

The torsion spring system is the most widely used garage door counterbalancing system. Under this setup, the spring is usually mounted above the door opening, in a horizontal manner. When the door is closed, the cable attached on the bottom corner of the door causes the spring to wind up. During the winding process, the spring energizes the system.

On the other hand, when the door is opened, the spring moves to unwind; the energy transferred to the door causes the door to lift. The steel spring may weaken after several cycles of use. The door may also become too heavy to be supported by the steel spring. When you notice any of these signs, have the spring replaced immediately.

Extension Spring System

Under the extension spring door system, an extension spring is usually attached to cables at the bottom corners of the door. The spring is will stretch when door the door is closed. When the door is open, the force on the extension spring will lift the door. The steel in the spring will wear out with time, depending on how frequent the door is used. When this happens, the steel may eventually break off.

To get good service from your garage door, it is important to check the extension spring more often and make sure the safety cable is properly attached. When you suspect the spring on your door is getting weak, call a professional garage door technician to examine and replace the spring before it breaks. The force stored on a flying spring can cause serious personal injury as well as damage to a property.

Garage Door Opener

This is perhaps the most appealing operating component on garage doors, since it features an automatic operator. Modern operators come with rugged motors that have lifetime warranty as well as special features such as photo electric safety devices, multi-button remote controls, and various transmitters. The photo electric safety device will stop the door from closing or opening, whenever the invisible light beam is broken or is blocked by a car or an obstacle.

When it comes to garage door opener transmitters, some garage door transmitters are designed to operate using a programmed personal code. In other cases, you can use a more convenient miniature transmitter that is built into a keychain. garage doors that have multiple button remote controls can be used to operate various appliances as well as the opener and lights.

User caution

Performing periodic checks on your garage door operating system is an important strategy of keeping the garage door in good working condition and ensuring safety. To ensure child safety when operating the garage door, children should always be kept at a safe distance from the garage door and the garage door opener.

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