One late evening while arriving home late from work, I clicked the button on my garage door opener and patiently waited for the door to raise up allowing my vehicle to enter it’s safe and comfortable home inside my garage. Instead, I was met with the interior light of my garage turning on, but the door not opening. I was exhausted so I begrudgingly parked my car in the driveway and headed inside making a mental game plan for how to get my garage door open in the morning. Who could repair my garage door? 

Fast forward 12 hours later to me staring into my garage from a stool while scratching my head. I had replaced the battery in my clicker (just in case) and still, there was nothing that made this open. I stared at my prehistoric door and wondered if it would budge if I tried to lift it myself without the aid of the opener. I mustered all the strength that I had, turned the knob and performed what could only be considered a power lift of my door. It flew up effortlessly, and then just kept flying… Before I knew what was happening, my beautiful and meticulously maintained garage door was now dented in 3 sections, off the track, and completely inoperable- hopelessly jammed.

It was at this moment that I gauged what was in my bank account and began to shop around for a repair person. I was noticing so many different options while I was using the internet to search for the perfect repair person who would either be able to fix my garage door or replace it. I was overwhelmed by the amount of ads offering free estimates, flat fees, and even personal ads placed on the internet for local handymen. I didn’t know where to start!

I considered calling one of the local handymen first. They were by far the cheapest as compared to the brand name garage repair companies. Before I even began punching in their numbers, I began wondering whether or not they were insured. Then that got me to thinking, do these handymen that I am finding on the internet really know what they are doing? Is this someone who thinks they’re a handyman when in all actuality they’re a internet search repair man? Do they watch a video once and then think they’re an expert? Then I wondered, am I truly getting a repair man, or am I getting someone with an ulterior motive? Like are they going to show up to my home and completely ransack my ceramic cat collection and rob me blind?

So then as those thoughts went through my mind, I then once again ran through my budget in my head. I decided the safest and most common sense thing to do would to get a licensed repair person with a local large name company. I began searching for companies that had high ratings first. I read each of the reviews tediously to see what the biggest complaints and praises were. I soon found that finding a reputable repair person would be a lot simpler than thought, and a lot more cost effective as well. Some of their websites even had up installation package deals for an entirely new door!

I soon had an appointment scheduled, and before I knew it the repair day was upon me. The repair person soon confirmed my fears, I had completely broken my door beyond all repair. However, the recommendations that followed to replace my door with an upgraded version made the day that much better! I now have a new garage door, a valued company that I will continue to call in the event that I need service, and once again a safe place to house my vehicle behind a beautiful newly installed garage door.

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