The majority of homes have an attached or stand alone garage. Not many people are actually conscious of maintaining their garages, though. This can lead to major issues, even accidents or injuries if left undone. Here are some of the general maintenance issues that go overlooked. Safety and reliability of your garage doors in Vinings GA are more important than many would think.

Fire Safety

You wouldn’t normally think of a fire breaking out in the garage, but it’s actually somewhat commonplace for residential fires. Think about what you store in the garage- a car, certainly, which has some level of gasoline in the tank, make a lawn mower and extra gas for it, other chemicals that have various levels of flammability. A leak or spill can soak into the garage floor, and still emit fumes that could ignite. The excess fumes can blaze up from a small spark or even an appliance in the garage with a small motor. If the garage is level with or lower than the house, this could be a catastrophe.

CO Dangers

If you have an attached garage, then you may experience issues with carbon monoxide gas. This gas is odorless and can make it’s way through the house without you knowing. The best thing to do in a situation like this is to have a professional come and check the garage for you. This problem is not exclusive to garages with heat runs attached. It can take many hours for CO levels to be safe after an incident. Best to just avoid this altogether.

Safe Doors, Safe Kids

The last thing any parent wants is for their child to suffer an injury. When we think of safety, the garage door typically doesn’t come up. For instance, does your garage door have a proper safety cable? Do you know where this is located? One of our All Four Seasons Technicians make double sure that your doors are in proper working order. Safety cables and sensors being installed can give you peace of mind. Having them installed by a pro, even more so.

Cable Tension

If you have a set of garage doors that are not so new, you may want to have the cables inspected as well. Having cables that are worn or frayed spells trouble because of the heavy load in tension on them all the time. This can go double for the springs as well. If you have a combination of old springs and worn cables, you’re asking for an accident. Better safe than sorry, as they say.

Types Of Injuries

There are many ways to be injured by a garage door you may not think of. Let’s go over a few of the ways to be safer around them. If you have a small child or children, the most common accident is being crushed by the doors. This happens either from trying to run under while closing, or faulty machinery. This can be relieved by having sensors and safety properly installed. Having your garage checked for issues is the best precaution here. Other injuries include being pinched by the doors and lacerations from window glass.

In the end, it is up to the homeowner to make sure that your garage doors are safe and up to code. Having an experienced professional inspect the property and give you a quote for the work is the best bet. The best policy is prevention when it comes to safety. Garage doors are big, heavy and can be a danger. Sometimes people overlook this. If you are questioning the state of your garage doors, give the job to people who are trained to see a problem before it becomes a problem.

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