The Governor’s Club here in Brentwood, TN has some truly exceptional homes. Recently on the market was 55 Governor’s Way, featuring 7 bedrooms, 9 baths, an indoor basketball court and bowling alley, and a huge garage that can fit four of those giant tour buses. Yours for only about $7 million.

Celebrities can have extravagant lifestyles. They often have more money than they know what to do with, and many have asked themselves, “Why not build an amazing garage?” With every breathtaking garage, an excellent garage door is needed. Here are some celebrities who have amazing garages.

Jay Leno is a former late night talk show host and comedian. He is well known for his attention to classic cars. His extreme passion for classic vehicles translates into a need for big space to store them. He has a 17,000 foot garage to house his cars. It is referred to as the Big Dog Garage. Leno even hosts his own web special called “Jay Leno’s Garage” on YouTube. Leno has a machine shop and many other amazing additions in his dream Southern California garage.

Jerry Seinfeld, another comedian, is also a car lover. His love of vehicles led him to a $500,000 plus garage. Seinfeld starred in his own show on network television for years. He became rich and famous because of his comedic appeal on “The Jerry Seinfeld Show.” He bought many vehicles over the course of that time. According to some rumors, Seinfeld had to pay much more than the half million dollars to build his garage in New York. It’s spacious, beautiful and full of prized vehicles. It allows a car enthusiast like Seinfeld to relax with his beloved hobby.

Ralph Lauren also has a spectacular garage. The fashion industry icon has multiple garages. He reportedly has so many cars he needs three different garages to house his vehicles. His exotic car collection was up to 60 at one point. Vanity Fair once offered a glimpse inside of the amazing cars and garage. Lauren even named his garage D.A.D. It is named for his children David, Andrew and Dylan.

John Travolta also boasts an amazing garage. He houses as many as 15 vehicles. What makes his garage facility beyond belief is that it also shelters four airplanes. He has a Gulfstream Private Jet and a Boeing 707 that he recently donated to an Australian museum.. Travolta also enjoys his own personal runway. He has a license to fly. Can you imagine the garage doors for this set of vehicles plus two planes?

Garages are meant to reflect the vehicles the owners have purchased. Celebrities have utilized this theme to create wide open spaces with amazing floor plans and beautiful garage doors. The vehicles also help reflect that individual personality. That doesn’t mean only celebrities can have vivid imaginations and dreams of a beautiful garage.

You can have an amazing garage as well. You might not have the opportunity to build a 17,000 square foot garage. However, you could truly plan for the garage of your dreams.The size, shape and interior of your Brentwood TN garage are possible!

It all starts with the garage door. It’s the addition to your garage that can personalize everything. The exterior entry says a lot about what you love. Just like these celebrities, you have amazingly unique preferences.

There are many options to choose from with garage doors. You don’t have to limit yourself to your imagination. You can visit our showroom and decide which one might be the right one for you. You might just also need your garage door serviced. Our team can make sure you have the right fit. Installation is what we do best. There’s no reason you shouldn’t have the garage and garage door of your dreams.

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