Garage doors are bound to pick up dings and dents over time, especially with constant use. Since they are usually cosmetic, such issues are often easy to correct or mask with a new coat of paint. Along with cosmetic problems and obvious conditions like the inability to operate, checking other functional matters might help you determine whether you need to replace your garage door. Since pricing depends on the type of service offered, you need to know the necessary service before calling a garage door installation company. To ensure you can tell when your garage door needs replacing, here are some of the telltale signs that it is beyond fixing.

Broken parts

While missing parts and splintered sections are easy to spot, you should also check for the following clues:

  • Misaligned panels
  • Missing or loose insert panels
  • Dented or deformed sections, often causing a poor fit
  • Missing or loose hinges and rollers
  • Rotten wood if your garage door is wooden
  • A broken lower part, as a result of which your garage door sits on the floor unevenly.

Aside from inviting infestations, the issues mentioned above will definitely affect the structural integrity of your garage door. Replacing a broken section might be possible if the model is still being manufactured. However, replacing your garage door might be the only option if it’s old or has extensive damages.

Excess vibration
When you open or close your garage door, does it shake and shimmy? Excess vibration is a sign that the door isn’t moving as it should on its tracks. Potential issues include:

  • Rollers that have popped out of the tracks
  • Corroded rollers that can no longer turn smoothly
  • Broken or misaligned springs and cables
  • Loose or broken hinges causing misalignment or instability

Noisy operation
Have you noticed any strange noises? Is your garage door getting louder? Contacting a garage door installation company might be your best option if your garage door starts to emit strange or loud noises. While some of the reasons mentioned above can result in the emission of strange or loud noises, other possible causes include:

  • Worn out shaft bearings on the door’s opener
  • Uneven side-to-side tension
  • Hinges and rollers that have not been lubricated

Old design
Is your garage door old? Is the model of your garage door still in production? Thanks to technological advancements, garage doors have benefited from significant improvements in structural and functional designs. Today, garage doors are available in an array of styles and formats, all capable of providing greater functionality and adding value to your property.

Compared to their newer counterparts, old garage doors provide less security. Aside from the use of different materials, features and construction techniques have also evolved. In addition to being sturdier than their older counterparts, newer garage doors include security features that are more effective. Since your old garage door might be the weak link in your home security, it might be time to replace and upgrade. It is, therefore, evident that replacing your old garage door adds value to you property and enhances your home security.

Lack of insulation
Are you incurring higher energy bills than before? Is the temperature in your home as comfortable as it was before? Aside from playing an important role in your overall comfort, you will have a more energy efficient home with proper insulation. Poor insulation compromises the comfort and energy efficiency of your home. Some of the issues that can lead to poor insulation include:

  • Worn out seals
  • Dented or deformed sections
  • A damaged lower section

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