Thanksgiving is a very festive time of the year. It’s that special time of year when the season changes and although the weather has started to cool, it seems that hearts are a bit warmer and people are much kinder. The Thanksgiving holiday is sure to spark one thing, those beautiful and festive holiday decorations. The warm blend of colors seems to be a pleasant mixture of earth tones, oranges and greens with hints of pumpkin fillers and candles as well. The beauty of Thanksgiving décor is that there are simple ways to decorate throughout the home to bring recognition to the traditional holiday. Many people decorate the exterior of their homes as well. Many garage doors Marietta GA are decorated with wreaths or magnets to reflect the holiday spirit.

Wreaths and Decor

Outdoor décor adds a very personal touch to the season of Thanksgiving because it occurs during the same time as harvest. It makes perfect sense to bring the décor to the lawns, porches and garage doors Marietta GA. Allow the colors of autumn to play a major part in the decorating background. This is quite simple to accomplish with the natural color changes that occur with the foliage.
Line your doors, fences and windows with fruit décor such as apples, oranges and blend in a little corn husk as well. These items also blend well to craft an exterior wreath. Feel free to make the wreath as traditional or as modern as you’d like without losing the spirit of the season. More contemporary wreaths look great with the fruit décor and ribbons of any kind. Try blending in colors of your favorite sports team or use colors that are a reflective of a cause you hold dear to your heart. Kumquat and pinecone wreaths are more traditional but still extremely popular for outdoor decorating. Layer them on the columns of the porch or along windows of the home and create a beautiful Thanksgiving scene.


Pumpkins make great fillers for outdoor Thanksgiving décor. Fill white pumpkins with fall colored flowers that have a full bloom. Add elements of color such as orange and brown to present a festive splash. If you happen to have wheel barrows or old metal pitchers that aren’t being used, add foliage and kumquats to them for a little something different during the season. Mix in a bit of wood with your fall colors. Use your wooden lawn or porch chairs as props for colorful flowers and large fruit displays. Don’t be afraid to use what you have in the decorating process. The more you have of your own, the less you are inclined to purchase.

Décor for Garage Doors

Thanksgiving décor for garage doors Marietta GA is a trendy decorating idea as well. Decorate the garage with fall colors that spell out Happy Thanksgiving in a swayed style. Burlap is a really popular material used for garage door hangings as well. The letters can be placed on the burlap and cut into a particular style to offer words of thanks as well. This material works wonderfully because of its natural color and that plays well into the earth tone color scheme. Outdoor wreaths make a very thankful statement when placed on the garage doors. The oversized wreaths are wonderful in this element as well. Creativity and warmth are the major players when decorating the exterior of the home for Thanksgiving. The creative edge adds excitement to the season and the warmth brings the spirit of Thanksgiving to the entire neighborhood.

If you have any other suggestion or decoration ideas for Thanksgiving that you would like to share, please comment below.

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