Extra Space

Having a carport will certainly protect your valuable vehicle, to a limit. However, an enclosed garage will protect the vehicle fully from inclement weather. Converting a carport to a garage will add value and living space to the home if you ever decide to sell the home. Depending upon how big the garage will be and the types of garage doors Atlanta GA that you choose; the new space can also be a workshop for you, where you can store all your tools.

Add a bit more space and you will create your ‘Man Cave’ to entertain friends and relatives on game days. You can also create added storage space, a garden preparation area, playroom for the children or hobby craft area for mom. This added space will not only protect your vehicle it, but it will provide you with more space and an extra room for the house.


The excellent thing about carports is that you can relocate the carport whenever or wherever you desire. Vehicles parked under a carport stand the risk for vandalism and/or the risk of having your vehicle broken into. A garage offers more security for the vehicle than a carport offers.

Extra Value

Homeowners deciding to convert their carport into a garage will add much more value to their home if they hire a quality, reputable contractor to build the garage. Present your ideas for the extra space, let the contractor shoulder the massive project, and obtain all the permits needed. Carport conversion adds considerable value to your home, so you can sell it for much more later if you plan to do so. Do you know what else adds value to your home? Garage doors. If a potential buyer doesn’t like the outside of your house, they won’t even bother looking inside. And guess what! All 4 Seasons Garage Doors offer affordable deals for carport conversion AND a huge variety of brand for garage doors Atlanta, GA. We customize out doors to your own needs, including the material, insulation, shape, color, and features. Do you want to have beautiful carriage style garage doors but don’t want the high price and high maintenance of wooden garage doors in Atlanta, GA? We can work it out for you!

Avoid Scam

Be very specific about your needs for the new garage. Carport conversion is a big investment and it can get as expensive as you can afford. Be very careful of companies who claim to have the best price guarantee. They know you won’t really shop around and ask for estimates. Do shop around, do check different prices. Also, most companies pay their technicians commissions from what they charge, giving them an incentive to make you buy more or add extra features you don’t really need. Be careful of this scam and decide beforehand what is needed. One way that All 4 Seasons Garage Doors stands out is that we offer no incentives for our technicians to charge or sell more. Our focus is high quality service and customer satisfaction. Our expert technicians will sit down and discuss with you what materials you need, what features you should look for, and so on. For example, if you plan on using the garage as a play area or workshop, you probably want the temperature inside to be comfortable all year round. Our technicians will advise you on the insulation R-value needed for you garage doors in Atlanta GA in order to have the desired temperature in the room.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please comment below. You can reach All 4 Seasons Garage Doors anytime at (678)-981-8454.