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Homeowners in Duluth Georgia take security, like all other home owners, very seriously. The problem is some people do not know what the best precautions are to take when contemplating security for the home. The garage door especially offers easy access to unwanted people coming into the house. However scary this may sound, this can be prevented from ever happening.

The Garage Door, evolving from manual to an automatic contraption has been around for years. When the first generation of automatic doors came out, they were a security risk because all of the doors had the same code. Anyone with the first generation of automatic doors had a security risk which is why, thanks to technology, we have come so far in advancing security.

The second generation of automatic doors came out with a new feature of dip switches that allowed the homeowner to change the combinations. Although these features allowed for a new combination, most homeowners left the combination as the default combination which made it easy for thieves to enter the house.

Modern day automatic garage doors have learned from their past faults. The modern features include rolling code technology which transmits a brand new code every time the homeowner presses the remote. The chances of a thief breaking in with guessing the code is slim because there are over a billion different codes to guess.

Although the automatic garage doors offer security, there are some flaws to the system that the homeowner must keep track of. One is that if the homeowner has the remote in his or her car, then they must remove it from the car when they go inside or else the remote is available for anyone to grab. To make sure this doesn’t happen, the homeowner should keep the remote of the same key chain as their keys. This will ensure that the remote for the garage will not be left in the car.

Another precaution that a homeowner should take to ensure security is to deadbolt the door between the home and the garage. Just like putting the remote on the key chain, locking the door at night is not an inconvenience. Just the garage door, the front door should be just as secure. This is important because if the thief were to fail with the garage door, they would not be able to enter through the front door.

One of the most simple actions that must be taken is to make sure that the garage door is actually closed! This is actually a major problem among homeowners because they forget to do the most obvious thing of closing the garage door. If there is any kind of damage to the door, it may not close properly either. Have it checked out.

Another precaution to take is to install a wide-angle peephole between the garage and the house. If there is a strange noise coming from the garage at night, the peephole will allow the homeowner to see what is going on. Another security measure is to frost or cover the windows in the order to prevent any intruder from looking into the garage to see if anyone is home.

When you install an automatic garage door, keep up with the maintenance of the garage by making sure that it is still fully functional. Continue checking up on all the replaceable items such as the hinges, the frame, the locks, and any other replaceable items.

As a parent and homeowner, the safety of your family is number one. Take every precaution listed to ensure a safe home. For maximum safety be sure to install an alarm system in your home and if your house is broken into, do not hesitate to call 911.

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