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What can you do if you discover that you do not use all of your garage interior for vehicle storage? How can you put all the extra floor space to good use?

Here are just two ideas for using the interior areas of a garage more effectively. If your household finds that you no longer require all of the garage to shelter your automobile, you might consider installing storage cabinets, or even adding a formal workshop.

Install Storage Cabinets

One creative idea for utilizing unused garage interior space involves adding sturdy cabinets and shelving. This extra storage space offers a convenient way to store lawn and garden supplies. Having the ability to place these sometimes toxic items outside the house itself and in a well ventilated but dry indoor location behind secure garage doors brings peace of mind. Many home products retailers offer sturdy storage shelving in an assembled form, or as kits.

Adding storage shelves to a garage offers many benefits. You can keep products such as weed killers, insecticides, plant growth promoters and lawn nutrients in a convenient manner in this way. Being able to survey all your tools and supplies in one single spot can prove helpful; for instance, you’ll be able to assess your need to re-stock various lawn care items more easily if you maintain these supplies in a designated area.

Add a Formal Workshop

Depending on the size of your garage, it may be possible to subdivide the structure and add interior walls to create a small formal workshop. Especially if you work with this equipment outside the home sometimes, storing it in a fairly proximate location to your truck or work van offers convenience.

One popular system for storing smaller tools in a garage involves adding a “pegboard” area to one wall that allows you to insert permanent hooks or metal prongs for hanging equipment. This location ideally should be located within an enclosed work area, or at least, far enough away from your vehicle parking zones and garage doors that you do not run the risk of sustaining accidents to nearby vehicles if tools tumble for some reason.

In certain locales, earthquakes or severe winds on rare occasions rattle buildings with sufficient force to dislodge stored tools that have been hung along walls. Should tools fall, you do not want them to damage any nearby vehicles. In this sense, a separate enclosed workshop room offers great convenience.

Important Points to Check

Of course, the extent to which you take steps to finish a garage interior depends on factors such as the amount of available space, whether or not you plan to install a formal workshop, your available budget and the degree of use you expect to obtain from the location in the future. These considerations impact households in different ways.

It remains a smart idea to check with your local municipal and county building department before beginning work on a formal workshop area, or any other major renovation project. In some jurisdictions, building permits are required in order to transform part of a garage into an extra room. Regulations on this subject vary considerably, depending on your geographic location and building plans.

If you discover you possess extra garage space not required for vehicle storage, using this area for storage or workshop purposes offers a great way to enhance the value you obtain from your garage interior. Transforming unused parts of a garage in a way that enhances your daily life provides great satisfaction.

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