Garage doors aren’t the first thing we think of when we think home maintenance. After all, this part of our housing is exposed to the elements and will eventually undergo discoloration, rusting, and some chipping. There is good news for those who are tired or looking at weathered and much abused garage door: painting garage doors is an easy fix. This job is cheap and it usually takes a small fraction of the day to get things done right. However, there are a few guidelines and tips that can make this process a lot easier if you’ve never painted a garage door before.

Getting Ready

Preparation can eliminate too much headache in the long run. This will include tasks like taping the edges around the garage door to prevent paint from getting on house siding or floor areas. It is important to further protect floors by sliding some protective plastic sheeting or tarp underneath. Cardboard will even do well in a fix. If the garage area is active (pets, kids, etc.) it might be good to tape this tarp down so that it will not move.


As in all things, timing is important. You’ll want to get a paint job done that dries properly and this will require moderate temperatures. Our Canton winters might be a good time to tackle the job as long as there isn’t a freeze in the forecast. Rain is definitely not conducive to a proper paint job, unless the garage door is sheltered by an awning. Starting out in the earlier hours of the day will also help. Depending upon the complexity of the job, one might want to start at 9:00 – 10:00 a.m. for more complicated jobs that involve extensive prep work.


Surface preparation can take a lot of time if certain areas of the door fairly damaged. Start off my sanding off any peeling paint or rust. Use special primers on metal to prevent future rusting. As an additional precaution, familiarize yourself with the appropriate primers used for your specific garage door. While this is an important step, some primers can damage certain types of garage door materials. A door that has experienced severe weathering may need a day to this step in itself, however any sander should be able to take care of this step easily.


After the surfaces are prepped, it’s time to clear away any of the rust or left over material that may have resulted. Its a good idea to use a sponge that is soaked with soap and water. For more intense jobs a power washer with a low setting can be used. Getting away the dirt and grime will not only result in a smoother paint job, it can help the paint adhere to the surface, making it less likely to peel. Dirt and grime can easily build up around the bottom of the garage door, so pay attention to this area.

 The Finishing Touch

For those who enjoy the idea of bright or dark colors on their garage door, primer is an essential task. Maybe the garage door didn’t need sanding in the beginning. It will certainly need this to hold a strong and vivid color. Pick a primer that is made for outdoor use. Try to use a latex based paint. Apply in thin layers, letting each coat dry before starting to apply a new one. For garage doors that contain lots of detail, it is a good idea to get several different sizes of brushes so that edges can be done with smaller brushes while the broader surfaces are easily tackled with large rollers.

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