Beautiful garage doors do more than add value to real estate. They also help secure your premises. Today, manufacturers rely on a wide variety of strong materials to help create break-in resistant garage doors: steel, aluminum, and wood all sometimes form part of these products. We sell, install and service all major brands of residential and commercial garage doors in the Greater Atlanta and Greater Nashville areas. Rely on our company to help you maintain your garage door security by offering excellent product lines!

How to Respond After a Burglary

People who suspect they have sustained a garage burglary (or burglary attempt) should always contact the police and file a formal report, of course. This step will help make others aware of the problem. Yet it also remains important to review the security of your premises carefully, as well. In some cases, criminals will repeatedly burglarize the same properties. It usually makes sense to ask a licensed locksmith to visit your home or business and evaluate the condition of your locks (including the garage door lock) after a burglary, since break-in attempts sometimes result in damage to lock mechanisms.

Preventing Break-ins

Deterring break-in attempts if possible represents the best strategy. Consider taking these steps to reduce the chances of a garage break in:

Keep your lawn mowed so the premises don’t appear abandoned
Make sure you provide ample outdoor lighting
Ensure you secure all garage windows and doors
Never leave a garage door open and unattended
Meet your neighbors and ask them to contact the police if they observe suspicious activity in the local area
Consider installing an access control or video surveillance system

Best Garage Door Security Tips 

While even a secure garage door cannot always prevent a burglary, these products will greatly assist you in safeguarding your premises. If your current garage door appears flimsy or damaged, consider ordering a new, updated strong garage door. We carry many excellent products, including some steel reinforced doors. Our company offers turnkey assistance replacing automatic overhead doors on garages throughout Nashville and Atlanta.

Additional Security Products

A variety of options occur today for enhancing garage security. From video surveillance cameras to monitored alarm systems, this technology helps homeowners and businesses prevent break-ins and thefts. (Since by law a modern garage door must include a safety release mechanism to prevent anyone from becoming trapped inside the garage and criminals sometimes circumvent this technology, we strongly recommend taking two steps: (1) make sure you install a deadbolt lock in any door providing access between your garage and your home or business, and (2) consider installing a video surveillance system in your garage to alert you to the presence of an intruder there.)

You may also find it helpful to explore vehicle security systems for your auto. For example, owners monitor the location of some brands of vehicles remotely utilizing satellite-based technologies and pre-installed tracking devices. These features offer valuable assistance in recovering stolen automobiles, trucks, and vans.

Garage Door Locks

There are so many great products out there that will add to the security of your home by locking your garage door tightly. A well-protected garage door means a burglar will move on to a house that is much easier to defeat. Ask us to assist you in selecting high-security overhead door products.

Keep Garage Door Opener Remotes Secure!

Finally, one point deserves special mention. You’ll want to make sure you keep your garage door opener remote in a secure location at all times. Just like a key, this device potentially offers access to your garage.

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