Amarr is one of the best garage door brand on the market today. They offer premium designs on all garage entries for residencies, condos, businesses, and much more. They are owned by Entrematic which has accumulated over 200 years of experience in warehouse manufacturing. All products are U.S. manufactured and guaranteed to meet all your needs.

The History of Amarr

Amarr was established in 1951 by Abe, Morris, and Herb Brenner. These three brothers began as a supply store in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. However, after time they decided to convert their attention to creating superior garage doors.

The business flourished in the 1950s, gaining exceptional success by the late 60s. This success allowed them to open their first manufacture store. The brothers began selling their garage doors all along the south-east coast and continuing into Texas come the 70s. Then in the 80s, they were able to sell to a large steel door manufacturing company in Kansas City. In a short time, they would be known all throughout the United States.

As the year 2000 approached, Amarr became an international sensation. They had acquired over 3,000 independent sellers as well as partnering with well-known companies such as  Costco Warehouses, Sam’s Club, Lowe’s Home Improvement, and Sears. In 2013, Amarr became a part of the Entrematic brand and continue to be successful to this day.

Amarr Garage Doors and Openers

Amarr offers a variety of door styles including the elegant carriage house type. These traditional appearing doors come in wood and steel material. An onlooker may suspect they open from the inside out, but they transition up to reveal the interior. The carriage style comes in Court, Classica, Hillcrest, Oak Summit, and Designers Choice. Amarr also works to create specialty carriage doors with their, By design. By design, lets you design your own unique door or choose from the 10 most popular carriage house door styles. You can combine materials, window and custom hardware for a one-of-a-kind door.

Another option for a conservative consumer is the traditional style. This style is available in steel and is what you typically think of when imagining a garage door. They come in four styles, Heritage, Lincoln, Stratford, and Olympus. Amarr also provides garage door specialties. The specialty options are Horizon and Vista. These doors are innovative and stylish, perfect for the modern home. They feature glass material and are designed with horizontal lines.

Aside from garage doors, Amarr also supplies openers and garage accessories. The openers are Wi-Fi compatible and make accessing your garage a task of ease. You can also find LED powered garage lights, remotes, and control panels.

Why Amarr?

Amarr offers a wide selection of door designs to fit any consumer’s needs. These durable garage doors are resistant to high impact winds, leaving you with peace of mind even at the worst of times. You can even opt to get your steel sectional doors insulated should you need to.

The garage doors are also energy efficient, so your electric bill will not skyrocket after installation. Each door provides R-values of up to 19.40, which is why they are a green building certification system. The aluminum full view doors deliver optimum light and a wonderful view of the outside. Which is great for lowering electrical light needs. Amarr is dedicated to the environment and even works to minimize the fossil fuel impact by maximizing distribution effectiveness.

All Four Seasons garage doors are proud to partner with Amarr to bring you the best in garage door style, durability and technology. You’ll love your new Amarr door and appreciate our top-notch technicians who’ll install it right and on time. If you’re in the Pottsville TN area, check with All Four Seasons for more information. Call All Four Seasons Garage Doors Pottsville TN at 615-274-8419 or hit our contact page.

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