How Does Your Garage Door Work?

Your garage doors are a very interesting system that you need to understand so that you can watch over them. You will notice that your doors are going to work in tandem with the box on the wall, a box possibly outside and installed on the ceiling. You need to know how all these things work together so that you are not going to be stuck not knowing what to do when something goes wrong. You need a professional to handle the doors when they are not working, but you do need to know what is going on so that you know when to call for help.

The Opener

The opener is going to be hung from the ceiling so that it can attach directly to the doors via the long bar. You will noticed that the bar is going to connect at the other end to the wall. The opener is going to hang in place as it uses its rail to pull the doors up and down. This means that the motor is doing all the work, but the opener will use very little power to do so.

The Rail

The rail that is going to pull back and forth is attached to a hook that is mounted to the garage door. The door is going to be pulled by no more than one horsepower, but even one quarter horsepower will work on many types of garage doors. Remember that most people do not need more than a quarter horsepower, and more powerful openers are going to make a lot more noise overall.

The Rollers

The rollers on the garage door are going to connect to the tracks that run along the sides of the door. This means that the door is going to move on these rollers as it is pulled up from the middle. The rollers will stay inside the track, unless there is obviously a problem with the doors. The same is true if you are having problems with the hook in the middle. It has to be completely attached or it won’t open.

The Opener Box

The box that you have on the wall is going to have to be wired to the opener so that it will work the openers at any time. You can press the button to get them open, and the best modern openers allow you to turn on the light or even lock the doors from that side when you want to. This is a very easy way to make the house safe, and it helps you light up the garage.

The Door Bars

There are door bars that are going to help you lock the doors from the inside. You can turn the lock on the inside, and the door bars will keep the door from opening. The slide through the rail, and the metal bars will not allow the door to be raised at all. The garage door opener will not work, and the outside code box will not work.


You can get sensors that are going to prevent the door from closing on the pets or kids in the house. These sensors have to be lined up, and you need to get a professional to line them up for you if you are having problems with them. They are very sensitive when you do not know how to handle them.

Everyone who is looking for something that is going to help them manage their garage should turn to an opener, but you need to know how it works and call for help when you need it.

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