Garage Door Construction and Design

Garage doors are often simple and unadorned additions to a home. The most common style is a plain white sectional model that opens upwards on rollers. They are not known for their beauty, though they are certainly beloved for their utility. However, not all garages are created equal. While many are certainly more functional than glamorous, some homeowners have taken the traditional design and turned it on its head. Below are some of the most unique, beautiful, or just weird doors out there.

Sometimes the strangest door is the one that can’t be seen at all. The owner of this Florida hotel has taken camouflage to an entirely new level with their garage. What looks like a normal front porch, complete with windows, plants, and an entry door, is actually a false front that swings up to reveal a large garage. Nor do the surprises end there. Within the garage is a recreated small town, complete with an Irish pub and a bright red phone booth. Guests to the hotel can even book a room within the tiny library.

Another home with an impressively designed false front is this San Francisco apartment building. In a successful effort to maintain the Victorian design of the building, as well as to blend into the neighborhood, the owner went to unusual lengths to install a hidden four car garage. They were so successful that when not in use the entryway is invisible.

Sometimes the decision to hide a garage is as much due to a space issue as it is a design choice. Luckily, a futuristic underground garage solves both of those problems, while also making the neighbors jealous. Several homes now have car elevators which are virtually invisible from above. It is even possible to grow grass on the door. Homeowners with more than one car can also choose to park one car in the driveway while a second car hides away snug below, maximizing their space.

Not all homes go to such pains to disguise their garages, however. Some owners in fact turn to art – or literature – to highlight this part of their home. A book-lover in Los Angeles painted their entire door to resemble a huge bookshelf. Nor is this owner the only one who is artistically minded. For anyone who doesn’t want to paint the area themselves, there are also 3D murals sold that transform these doors into everything from a rustic stable to an airplane hanger.

When hiding isn’t an option and camouflaging doesn’t work, homeowners can just decide to go for beauty. These carved bronze garage doors by an Australian design company, Axolotl, redefine the genre. Even someone without a car would be happy to have these on the front of their home. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they also let light into the interior of the garage, saving on energy costs.

There’s charm in a more understated style as well. Homeowners who don’t like the look of traditional doors can choose instead to install more antique looking models. In fact, there are rustic wooden doors which could easily double as castle gates or old stable entryways. A carriage would fit as naturally into this garage as a simple car.

It’s clear just from the examples listed above that there is a whole world of offbeat and distinctive garage doors out there. There is no need for anyone to settle for a simple white model. Whether they are hidden or the most eye catching part of a home’s decor, the options are almost endless. From streamlined elegance to delightfully tacky designs, there is a perfect door for every taste. The only limit is the designer’s imagination.

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