Performing regular garage door maintenance is key to obtaining the longest possible, and most useful, lifespan of your garage doors. Every machine requires periodic maintenance and repair services in order to remain in good operating condition; you’ll get the best value from your overhead garage doors by placing them on a regular maintenance schedule, and performing regular garage door service Marietta GA.

Clean Your Garage Doors

In general, solid sections of a garage door can be cleaned with mild soap, water and a clean microfiber cloth. If your door includes built-in windows, you’ll want to wash them using readily available commercial glass cleaning products. Always follow any specific manufacturer instructions whenever you clean the doors of your garage.

Prevent Sticking

Automatic overhead garage doors should slide smoothly, without sticking. If you encounter a problem with binding, the door tracks may require repair. All Four Seasons can provide fast, skilled garage door service assistance.

Helpful Tip

One maintenance tip that proves especially helpful: garage door springs will typically wear out long before other parts of the door. We perform trained garage spring replacement; ask us to place your doors on a regular maintenance schedule.

Garage Door Insulation

Today, most garage door manufacturers produce products containing built-in insulation. This material sits between two solid exterior panels. If you don’t own an insulated door already, you might want to consider upgrading. Insulated doors help keep energy costs low, by keeping the elements out.

Electrical Issues

If your garage door encounters an electrical problem, you’ll want to obtain repair services as soon as possible. Malfunctioning garage door motors impact door operation. It makes sense to attend to this type of safety issue promptly.

Lighting Ideas

Adding extra lighting to the exterior of the garage assists many households in maintaining a safer driveway. This illumination can help prevent unwelcome slips and falls, for instance. You may find it helpful to install motion-activated LED lights. Many excellent lighting products exist in the marketplace today.

Give Your Garage Doors a Tune Up

Give your garage doors a “tune up” quickly and easily by calling All Four Seasons to provide garage door maintenance. We specialize in the care of these automatic doors. Our technicians will perform a safety inspection, and let you know if the time has come to replace any worn springs or other mechanical parts.

Weather Stripping Issues

During colder months of the year, some households apply weather stripping to the bottom of garage overhead doors to help eliminate drafts. If you own a modern door, it should shut securely, so this form of protection won’t become necessary. Use weather stripping to insulate other doors and windows in the garage instead.

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