There used to be a time when the garage door was nothing but a way to protect our automobile, in fact, it wasn’t until recent times that the very same door had to be opened and closed by hand. The garage door serves a few purposes, more specifically to protect the car and provide access to the back door. As technology graduated from mechanical to automatic, it was forced to provide wireless door openers, which would save us from vacating the vehicle to open the door; unfortunately, those changes have a way of presenting challenges for the door opener. In this blog article, your garage door opener Atlanta GA experts want to go over general diagnose issues for your garage door opener.

The Remote

The benefit of an electric garage door is the same as that of a remote control for the television; we can remain in our car, use our garage door opener and pull straight in, without having to brave the elements. When the remote control transmitters stop doing their job, it can be frustrating to us. As you would do in any remote control, if the device has sensors, make certain that they are clean, if only for the fact that many devices tend to get smudgy after repeatedly being handled.

A Source Of Power

Most garage doors are provided with at least 2, sometimes three remote controls to operate the door, so while one may be functional, the other one may not be doing the job it is supposed to. If only one device has stopped working there is a better than average chance that the battery may be dead, and it might be something as simple as replacing the battery to get it to work again. If the only thing working is the keypad, then something else is malfunctioning and needs to be addressed.

Too Far Gone

There are several symptoms that could make a homeowner scratch their head and wonder what went wrong with their garage door like the door not closing all the way down. This problem could be rectified by adjusting the switch on the remote to the correct settings. Before getting out your tools or contacting the repair specialist, check to see if anything fell in the garage and caused the door to be jammed. The close limit setting may also need to be adjusted if the door begins to open as soon as it hits the floor.

Wrong Direction

Have you ever witnessed your garage door turn into reverse mode just before it hit the ground and wondered why? You might try clicking on the garage door opener a few times only to come to the conclusion that you are merely wasting your time. Here is another scenario that can usually be solved by simply adjusting the force close settings on your remote control device. If your garage door only opens halfway or does not open enough for you to exit with your car, it may be for the same reason.

A Last Resort

The simple solution for addressing some of these issues with your garage door opener Atlanta GA will be to have a service technician come to your home and take a closer look at the door. In the interim, you can try repositioning your car so that the range is a little closer. If the batteries are good, why not think about programming the devices and see if it helps. There is also the possibility that your antenna in the garage may be obstructed, which can be solved easily enough.

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