Does your garden need a facelift? Are you also on a tight budget? You are in luck! There are many ways to spruce up this area. Things such as weeding, mulching and planting annuals are low-cost ways to make your flowerbeds or vegetable beds look attractive. Your garage doors Marietta GA experts gathered some good advice during the lunch break for those who want to revamp their gardens. If you have more suggestions, please be generous and share them in the comments below!

1. Weeding

You need to weed your garden on a regular basis or the weeds will overtake your prettier plants. This can often cost no money at all, especially if you pull weeds by hand. However, you can use hand tools or weed killers (such as Roundup) to control the weeds.

2. Mulching

After you weed your planting area, it is ideal to add mulch. This holds moisture in the soil for one thing. Some mulches slowly breakdown to feed the soil various nutrients that soil benefits from and in turn passes these nutrients onto your plants. Mulch also makes your flowerbeds and at times, your vegetable beds and trees look nicer. You can use pine straw, cedar chips, compost, and more for mulching materials. Any of these things are affordable even with your tight budget.

3. Planting Annuals

Planting annuals is an ideal method of adding color to any of your plant beds. You can buy many of the annuals for only a few dollars a tray. The number of annuals per tray varies on the size of the tray. The downside of annuals is the fact that you have to plant them every year, as they do not last through the winters in most parts of the country. The wide assortment of colors you can find in these flowers is the upside of using annuals in your plant beds. You can even mix some of them in your vegetable patch for a touch of color. Marigolds, petunias, and zinnias are some examples of annuals.

4. Planting Perennials

Planting perennials is even more economical than planting annuals. This is because you do not have to replant them every year. Some last for years and years in your plant beds. Asters, catmint, and lavender are some examples of perennials.

5. Adding Lights

Illuminate your plants at night with solar lighting. You can purchase this type of lighting in many forms. Some forms are ideal for lighting pathways or the driveway to your garage doors Marietta GA, while other forms are perfect to shine on your plants. This allows everyone to enjoy the flowers, shrubs, and trees even when it is pitch black outside.

6. Pruning and Removing Dead Blooms

Pruning plants is often necessary to remove unsightly stems or branches to makes plants more attractive and even healthier at times. Removing dead blooms on your flowering plants helps them to keep flowering throughout the season. Both of these tasks will not cost you a dime making them very budget friendly.

If you do all these things to your garden, you see a big improvement on how it looks. None of these things cost so much that your budget would be shot for any long length of time. It does not take money to have beautiful plant areas on your property.

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