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The average home consists of a variety of moving parts to help it maintain its functionality. If one area shuts down it is feasible for the home to continue serving its owners in a lower capacity. Unfortunately, if many of these parts are not maintained in an appropriate manner, they could become dangerous to the people residing inside. Plumbing, gas and electric are just a few areas that come to mind. The consequences could turn out to be flooding, explosions and electrical fires. One area that should be particularly important to the property owner is the garage door, especially since it serves two purposes. Here are several safety issues that residents should be concerned with from their garage door.

The Effect On Children

The garage door is designed to serve a purpose and that is the security and protection of the property you own. Many children look upon the garage door as a unique opportunity to either race to beat it from completion or to hitch a ride on it. In either case the child will be placing their life at risk due to the consequences. Hanging on to a garage door to enjoy a free ride could seem like a fun experience to the child, but this activity almost always ends in a trip to the emergency room or much worse.

Hard To Breathe

It is difficult to imagine how the security of your garage could present a danger to the life of a family member but it can happen. News reports are full of unfortunate events that result in residents that are overcome by carbon monoxide poisoning right in their own home. The property owner will probably think that it is a great idea to keep the garage nice and warm during the colder months with proper insulation. Because of the fact that a vehicle is generally kept in the garage and the risk of emissions is very high the smart option is to ventilate the garage to prevent the dangers of CO poisoning.

Consequences of Size

The sheer size of the garage door will put the user at risk if they are not initiating the right amount of caution. Most garage doors are safe for the user until they experience mechanical failure. One area where the homeowner should use caution is repair and maintenance. If a garage door were to fall on someone, especially a small child, the consequences could be disastrous. If you have plans of handling the repairs to your garage door, it would be a good idea to get another pair of strong hands. Many of the newer garage doors come with safety features that will prevent the door from free-falling onto someone below it.

Lost Tension

There is a lot riding in the spring that controls the garage door, especially if it stops doing its job. When the spring decides to fail there will seldom be any real warning to the user. It is important to remember that the tension on this spring can be just as dangerous to the user as the door itself. Replacing one of these springs should be done with extreme care as the backlash has been known to sever limbs without any warning. Unless the user is familiar with the dangers of the torsion spring, it would be smart to leave the replacement to a professional.

The Possibility Of Injuries

In an ideal world if the user has a problem with the garage door, they will place a call to their favorite specialist and have the matter corrected. This call won’t prevent the door from jumping off the tracks and landing on someone or something under it. Contacting your garage door technician will not remove the risk of a child getting their fingers stuck in the tracks as they dash to make it under the door before it shuts behind them. Regular maintenance and safety features will solve most of the dangers surrounding your garage door, assuming they have been addressed by a professional.

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