Commercial garage door solutions Duluth, GA businesses can use to add security, convenience will aluminum, sectional, or rolling steel doors. When looking for commercial garage doors, you will find that there are quite a few different types. Picking the right one can be challenging if you’re not sure what you want. Below you will find a detailed description of different types of commercial garage doors. Hopefully it will help ease your search for the perfect commercial garage door.


Aluminum garage doors feature aluminum panels and generally come with glass windows for added light and brightness. These doors usually have a modern/industrial style look and can be used indoor and outdoor. These doors are most commonly found in car dealerships, restaurants, fire stations, professional facilities and retail environments. There are different style options that you can choose from as well as different colors. They are low maintenance and can endure the “wear and tear” that comes along with the day to day activities.

Sectional doors have several panels hinged together. These are generally made from aluminum or steel. Steel sectional commercial doors come in several gauges, track styles and hardware. You can choose to have either kind insulated per preference. Loading docks and other warehouses are most commonly known to utilize these type of doors.

Rolling steel doors, instead of several panels, are made with many panels that allow the door to roll up. Rolling steel doors are known to be stronger than sectional garage doors because they can endure more force.

Counter doors are another type of rolling steel door. They are designed for smaller spaces such as small office spaces and counter tops. Concession stands, cafeterias, and medical offices are most commonly found with these type of doors.

Service doors are a type of rolling door as well. They are made up of slat figures that can be separated for better airflow and clarity. Aluminum and steel doors are available in the service door style. They generally come in gauges 18 through 24 and they can be painted to match the color style of the workplace.

Security grilles are doors that consist entirely of perforated slats that also allow visibility and plenty of open airflow. These type of doors are typically found in malls, schools, and garages. They are available as vertical rolling openers or horizontal/side-folding openers. These doors are designed for durability and added style. They can be purchased with an optional electric motor or you can choose the manual style. They have a wide range of options that add versatility and style.

Rolling sheet doors are made with wide steel sheets. They are comparable to rolling steel doors but instead of having steel bends, they have wider steel sheets. The steel sheets are hemmed together with grooves in the hems that allow the door to be rolled up over a spring loaded shaft.

Thermacore sectional doors are a great choice for businesses that demand the highest levels of thermal efficiency. They have optimum hardware and product for the ultimate wind resistance as well as proper air infiltration. The thermal break prevents cold or heat from passing through the section and each section has a seal that contributes to superior thermal performance. This sectional door is very durable and is engineered to deliver advanced performance in commercial and industrial applications, especially in environments where climate control is necessary. These doors have very little to no maintenance, which eases time and energy from every angle.

As you can see there are many options for commercial garage doors. It’s up to you to decide which one will best suit you and your business. Each door has optimum benefits offered and provide the durability and value that you’re looking for.

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