A box truck door is one of those tools that just make work easier. It’s just a door, but it might make a difference in everything you do. When it breaks down, you lose the advantages of a rolling door immediately. If your delivery route is scheduled down to the second by your schedule you know what a complication like a broken box truck roll up door is for you and what you need to do to fix it.

Your boss might believe you’re exaggerating when you complain about a shot roller wheel that’s making the door hang crooked. No problem! Leave it to All Four Seasons Garage Doors- we’re Tennessee’s experts in all things rolling door!


A new or repaired box truck roll up door

After we’re done with it, your door should be quiet and smooth, like that model door that opens like butter. The truck you brought in noisy and has a tendency to come off the track. You wonder if your truck’s door will come down on top of you one of these days. It’s very heavy and could cause serious injury.


How does your box truck roll up door work now?

Our technician asks you how it worked before it started derailing. You said it worked fine. Like any heavy garage roll-up door, users can be injured by a faulty box truck roll up door, depending on how badly the door is broken. Box truck doors are under heavy use every day, far more than the usual garage door, so parts wear out more quickly and eventually, all truck-mounted spring-loaded rolling doors need repair.

Considering the weight of the door, the wear and tear on all parts of the door are significant but not unusual. Not maintaining the door makes the task you’re doing harder because the door is harder to operate. You could suffer injury if the door collapses like you didn’t know that already!


The Importance of the door spring

The spring was the biggest problem because with wear and tear it got out of alignment and caused the door to open off-center. That wore out the rollers. The worn hinges probably followed suit. The door panel damage was caused when someone put a hole in it.

Specialized parts for box truck roll up doors in our large inventory of replacement parts are ready to go when you call for a diagnosis and repair for your box truck fleet. We’re Bethel Tennessee’s best when it comes to roll-up door expertise and service, so give us a call at 615-274-8419 when you need maintenance and repair. Or click on our contact page for Bethel TN.

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