Box Truck Roll-Up Doors Guide

Box Truck Roll-Up Doors Guide

Box Truck roll up doors have a lot of moving parts that are used heavily in the course of the working day. Whether they’re panels, rollers, springs, tracks or latches, they all have to work perfectly all the time in order for your fleet to make a profit. While similar to garage roll-up doors, there are a few differences in the specific dimensions and parts for box truck roll-up doors. All Four Seasons’ trained technicians are experienced in all the ups and downs of both garage and truck-mounted roll up doors.

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Installation and Repair of Box Truck Roll-Up Doors

Even though box truck door hardware is are similar to residential overhead door spring configurations, installing and repairing them isn’t exactly the same. For example, a two spring system in a box truck have drums attached to torsion springs, but they are wound down instead of up. There is likely a different procedure for arranging the cables and the drums, as well as tensioning the springs. In some cases, springs should be wound with the door open and clamped in place to keep it immobilized while repairs are occurring.Box truck roll up door spring replacement is more common than you might think.

In addition to the wear and tear of being raised and lowered many times a day on a delivery vehicle, the stresses on the structure of the “box” can also contribute to problems in box truck roll-up doors. The forces exerted on the frame also affects the door tracks, springs and panels, more so than a stationary door installed in a building. Box truck replacement panels are a common request we get from our commercial customers.

Box Truck Roll-Up Door Types

Roll up doors seem to be everywhere, with applications for auto repair stores, industries, garages, loading docks and of course onboard box trucks or vans. The convenience of equipping a small truck with a roll up door is evident. A box truck side door saves space when you don’t have to swing out a tall trailer-height door and it allows for quick access. It can be secured easily with a latch and lock for on-site deliveries and at loading docks. Commercial vehicles, fire trucks, service trucks, emergency vehicles and delivery vans all depend on reliable and safe roll up doors.

There are two main types of roll up doors: the section or panel roll up and the shutter type. The section roll up has a variable number of horizontal panels that are attached at flexible joints and/or rolled up into a horizontal position in the ceiling space of the truck’s cargo space. Instead of wider panels like the first type, the shutter type features narrower panels that roll up around a spindle like a window blind. On rare occasions you may also encounter a lift-up door that consists of a single large panel that retracts into the ceiling of the truck. No matter the type, the stresses of the road and the hundreds of openings and closings create a lot of wear and tear on every type.

How Do You Take Care of Box Truck Roll-Up Doors?

You can prolong the life of your box truck roll up doors in various ways, such as using the correct lubricants on the rollers and tracks. Dents, cracks or misaligned tracks should be fixed as soon as possible because a small issue can become a larger one before you know it. If your box truck is involved in a collision, a body shop may not be able to repair the mechanisms involved in the roll up door, so consider using an expert for that phase of repair. If you let your box truck roll up doors go too long, you may jeopardize the safety of the staff who operate the doors every day.

A neglected door on any of your fleet’s trucks can also be a security issue. Thefts in broad daylight occur regularly when a roll up door is unattended or broken and unlockable. When the rear doors on box trucks are in disrepair, your cargo is vulnerable and it could end up costing much more than a regularly maintained and repaired roll-up door.

There have even been incidents of cargo lost to thieves while a truck is stopped at a traffic light! Of course it’s preventable, with the addition of adequate locking devices on the latches of your trucks, but a door in disrepair may be a tempting invitation for theft.

Are you aware of the recommended maintenance schedule for your box truck roll up doors? Most manufacturers recommend periodic inspection of the essential components. It definitely saves on major repairs if you replace a few parts along the way, for example:

  • Cable replacement
  • Damaged panel replacement
  • Greasing of hinges and rollers
  • Lubricating or replacing guides or tracks
  • Checking and adjusting cable tension
  • Replacing slam latches or locking mechanisms

Looking for a box truck roll up door repair service provider? Find one that has experience in handling the specialized maintenance for trucks. If your box truck roll-up doors are spring loaded, beware! Breaking a spring that is under torsion can be deadly and has resulted in injuries to inexperienced do-it-yourselfers. Also, getting the balance and bracing just right will save you money in the long run, saving on more short term repairs.

For safe bet on a box truck door repair near you, click over to our the All Four Seasons contact page or call our friendly staff in Nashville or Atlanta.

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