A garage is often one of the most interesting places within a home. There are a lot of reasons why this might be the case for the average homeowner. It’s of course the place where a beloved car will be stored. But it’s also quite often the setting for art projects, home repair, and an assortment of other fun ideas. These all make for interesting discussions in and of themselves. But there’s one person that shouldn’t find a garage interesting. And that’s a home intruder. Consider your Garage Door Security today. 

Unfortunately, a garage is often the first point that criminals focus on when scoping out a house. It’s one of the more disappointing features of modern Sugar Hill GA home design. The garage is often considered something apart from the rest of one’s home, and as such security within the garage may be quite different than in any other part of the house. This is also why criminals love using a garage as their point of entry. It can be far easier and safer for them. But thankfully there are easy ways to get past all of the common problems. This will make one’s garage as safe and secure as any other part of the home.

The Opener

The first and biggest concern should be the garage door opener. Earlier garage doors used very insecure systems. Many of them would use fairly similar signals for all of their installations. This means that one could conceivably use universal remotes to act as a garage door skeleton key. This means that a criminal could simply try out a range of signals at any given garage door to trigger the command to open it up. From there it’d be an easy path to the rest of the house.

Rolling Code

Thankfully this issue has been addressed for some time now. Any modern garage door opener will use something called a rolling code. This is a paired system between the garage door opener and the remote used to trigger it. The system used a rolling variable that is impossible to forge or duplicate. This is also why one should be sure that the garage door opener in one’s home is up to date. It’s not just a matter of the system itself being able to safely raise and lower the door. It’s also a matter of security for the garage doors and the home itself.

Garage Door Security In Plain Sight

However, a secure key is only as secure as the surroundings. It’s not enough to simply ensure that a garage door opener has proper security measures. The actual device needs to be properly secured. And it’s quite common for people to leave their garage door opener in plain sight within their car. This provides an easy target if the car isn’t actually within the garage. And given the mobile nature of a car, there’s going to be more than ample opportunity for a thief to get their hands on it. This is why it’s best to simply carry the garage door opener around in the same manner as one would any other house key. A keychain based opener is the absolute best option. It’s far easier to carry, and perfectly integrates with other security measures.

Plan B

But one should always have a plan B and prepare for the worst. In the end a garage is always going to be designed with entry as the primary feature. This is why the door between the garage and the rest of the house should have some extra layers of security built into it. One of the safest plans is to have a lock on this door as well. It’s true that this will make it a bit more annoying to get into one’s home. But it’s usually a lot easier to handle when considering how much more secure it is. It’s also a good idea to have a peephole installed in that door as well.

Going with all of these options will vastly increase the security of one’s garage. But even focusing on one of these tips will usually be highly beneficial. In the end a little thought about one’s security will result in a far safer home.

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