All 4 Seasons Garage Doors is the premier garage doors Duluth, specializing new garage door installation and replacement. It is surprising to know that some people invest a lot in a home alarm system while they do not seem to care about their malfunctioning garage door. They only come to realize this mistake when their security has been compromised. Since a lot of garages have a door leading to the house, burglars can get easily in, especially if a garage door is not working properly. Repairing this can be quite simple with basic DIY skills. However, for those who have no experience with carpentry work, they can hire the services of a professional to either repair and replace it. There are several styles and colors of Garage Doors Duluth GA to choose from and certainly, there is one that will meet your preference and budget.

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Happy Customers


“Service tech was on-time & very courteous. He told me upfront the 2 possible causes for my issue, one more expensive than the other. Happily, my problem ended up being the less expensive – so extremely honest – asIwouldn’t have known the difference!!!! Always have a good experience.”

Deborah K.


“I was fully prepared to have one of my garage door panels replaced as I didn’t think repair was possible. I was wrong! Shaf is the man! Cut a piece of steel and 20 min later it was fixed! In this current culture of dispose and replace everything”

Robert E.

Quality Garage Doors in Duluth

Our inventory of garage doors is extensive, offering each and every homeowner out there the chance to purchase a high-quality, stylish garage door that suits all of their needs. We carry a variety of garage door styles to accommodate the tastes of all, in addition to many different types of garage doors including Carriage garage doors, TraditionalSpecialtyWood, and Glass. Whether you need garage doors for your home or business, we have your needs covered. Our versatile selection of garage doors is backed by great prices, securing an awesome deal in store for you. Check our prices first!

Garage Doors Installation

Once you’ve selected the perfect garage door for your home, we’ll install them for you! Our expert garage door installers will quickly have your new garage door up and working in no time at all. Just as we are confident you’ll love our low prices on garage doors, we offer installation at superb costs.

Garage Door Repair

There are many causes of garage door damage and our experts are ready to handle them all. Small repair needs or large, we’ll handle them all with the same dedication that has helped us earn such a great reputation over the years. Whether your garage door has been hit by a vehicle, sustained damaged from weather, or is suffering because of its age, our experts will quickly and easily resolve the issue once and for all.

Garage Door Parts & Accessories

We are your one-stop garage doors shop. We offer full service for your garage door no matter what kind of issues are affecting you. But we don’t stop there. We offer a full line of garage door parts and accessories, including garage door openers, garage door springs replacement, weather-stripping, and much more. These parts and accessories ensure that your garage door is complete.


Aside from keeping burglars and stray animals from entering into your home, garage doors protect your valuable car and accessories from the outdoor elements. In addition to this, a garage door adds aesthetic value to your abode and complements it with its matching color and style. Furthermore, with the help of a properly functioning garage door, you can save on costs of heating and cooling. They can keep the heat or cold from entering the main door.



Since garage doors are big, moving objects, they should come with the best safety features. All family members go in and out of this door, so you have to make sure that it does not have any loose components that can make it fall on them.


Garage doors come in a wide array of designs, colors and sizes. You can find a beautifully designed door that is reasonably priced as well so you do not need to settle for something that looks too simple and ordinary. Some of the designs include Carriage, Contemporary and Sectional Doors.

Window design

A window can make a difference in your garage door. It lets natural light into the garage to make it appear less gloomy like most garages. It can make a regular door look extraordinary.


It is important to choose the material of your garage door since this can determine its durability to withstand the elements, its longevity and the amount of maintenance it needs.

Garage doors made from real wood are irresistibly beautiful. Though they need to be painted or stained every couple of years, they are worth all the trouble. A wooden garage door will add more beauty and value to your home.

For a contemporary, sophisticated look, you can opt for aluminum and glass garage doors. Aluminum frames come in a range of colors while there are many options when it comes to glass such as clear, tinted and obscure. Though aluminum garage doors are maintenance free, they are not suitable for places with extreme temperatures since they do not have enough insulation.


There is a wide assortment of garage doors and you can easily find one that matches your budget. Usually, the most expensive ones are premium wooden garage doors. Fiberglass doors are the next in line. These are followed by steel doors with and without vinyl. Then, single sheet steel doors come next. Lastly, the most affordable are the doors made from low grade wood.


A majority of manufacturers provide a warranty but there are only a number that go beyond a year. Some are exceptional, though, in giving a lifetime warranty.

Though it may cost a lot to repair, or much so, replace garage doors Duluth GA, the stakes are much higher when you leave them with broken parts. They cannot be closed properly, which makes your home more open to burglars and wild animals. They, also, do not look pleasing to the eyes.

When choosing the right garage door for your home, you should consider the above-mentioned features. You have to make sure that it complements your home with its design. It should be durable enough to withstand the elements and last long. It should come with safety features. Your garage door in Duluth GA should be reasonably priced and cost-efficient as well, when it comes to heating and cooling costs.


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