Atlanta’s Most Popular Garage Door Style

It’s no wonder that carriage house garage doors, or carriage doors, are the most requested style in and around Atlanta. These doors are charming yet high end; they work beautifully with traditional and rustic homes alike. If you want your garage to make a real statement in the neighborhood, consider a carriage door style.

All Four Seasons Garage & Entry Doors takes pride in offering options to suit all budgets when it comes to these elegant doors.

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Deborah K.

What is a Carriage House Garage Door?

This style of door harks back to the days of horse-drawn carriages. The main differences between a carriage house garage door and other styles are the width of the door and the fact that it has a central opening that opens outwards. This allows very easy access to your garage due to the width of the door.

Carriage doors allow you to roll into your garage with plenty of space on each side, giving a sense of luxury every time you get home. For more ideas on how these doors could benefit your home, talk to our local garage door installation experts today.

Benefits of Our Carriage House Garage Doors

This style is considered extremely attractive due to its romantic history and even the grand way the doors open. Unlike older times, you won’t have to get out of the car and open each door manually. New styles can be fully automated to open by themselves like a regular model.

Benefits include:

  • Gorgeous aesthetic appeal for your home
  • High-quality materials that will pass the test of time
  • No overhead track, plus the outward opening gives extra space
  • Small windows can be built into the door, allowing for natural light

Are Carriage House Garage Doors Expensive?

As with most things, the price depends on several factors. These include:

  • The materials you use. If you’re looking for a bold statement that evokes the atmosphere of the age of horse-drawn carriages, you may wish to consider a more expensive wood option. Cheaper options are frequently easier to maintain, however.
  • The size of the door. The size depends on the size of your garage — you can’t have a door that is bigger than the opening allows. Larger models cost more but can provide an incredibly grand effect. Also, note that some garages may be large enough for multiple doors: while this is quite a statement, the cost will rise accordingly.
  • The opening mechanism. If you want to go full traditional, you could have your door open manually. However, many people prefer to have an automatic opening for convenience. This will affect the cost.

For the most accurate information plus a free quote about the cost of carriage house doors, consult with our Atlanta carriage house door installation team.