Commercial Garage Doors

Here in the Southland, especially in Smyrna, GA large commercial establishments are faced with many challenges most of which are partly beyond the control of business owners such as theft, fire, accidents, calamity, and depreciation. All these are factors that can affect the operation of any business. If your business is related to the auto industry, logistics, or anything that requires a systematic warehousing, you will probably need the appropriate commercial Garage Door Service to safeguard your fleet or stored items.

Almost all commercial doors are made of steel with security features that are electronically operated. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a company that can install a wide variety of commercial garage doors that are perfectly fit for your business establishment.

In choosing which type is fit for the operation of your Smyrna or metro Atlanta establishment, you must be familiar with different types of commercial garage doors. One of the most popular types are:

  • Sectional Doors
  • Rolling Doors
  • Fire Doors
  • Performance Doors
  • Thermal Doors
  • Sectional Doors

A sectional door is a door with individually separated panels that can be opened or closed in section. Usually, this type of door opens and closes vertically. You can open one panel section or 2 sections at a time. It is the most popular garage door nowadays as it is more convenient to operate. However, it requires more headroom to operate it since it moves vertically. Nevertheless, sectional doors are packed with security features and most of them are automatic.

Rolling Doors

Rolling doors are doors that roll like paper on one end or another when they open or close. They work like sectional doors but are different in the sense that sectional doors occupy a wider flat area above while rolling doors only use much smaller space on one side of the door only. Although it is not as thick as a sectional door, a rolling door is also strong and durable. This type of door is best for garage with narrow space.

Fire Doors

Fire doors are just another type of rolling doors but with extra security feature that is designed for high heat resistance. Most fire doors would automatically close when a certain temperature is reached in order to contain the spread of fire inward. This type of door is usually installed in facilities with rated fire walls. Moreover, fire doors are heat resistant.

Performance Doors

Performance doors are the super doors of all commercial garage doors. They are built not only for strength and durability but also for protection against strong wind, rain, and contaminants because they are tightly sealed when closed. Furthermore, it can be opened or closed with greater speed. If you have a warehouse with items that are very sensitive, this type of door is for you. Imagine when it suddenly rains or some pests are attacking the area, you can close this door in no time without worrying that anything that can damage your property might get in. It is also an anti-theft garage door.

Garage Door Service- Thermal Doors

Thermal doors are simply doors that are insulated. This type of door reduces the heat inside during a hot summer day and helps reduce the cold temperature inside while it is cold outside. Thermal doors are best suited for establishments that maintain a standard room temperature inside.

There are many different types of commercial garage doors and they are too many to mention. Nevertheless, it is best to be familiar with the most popular ones simply because many people have already used and tested them. The only thing that you should keep in mind is to find the right company that can install a commercial garage door that is perfectly fit for your business.

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