Halloween is just around the corner, and that means it is time to pull out the decorations and turn your home from boring and normal to eerie and haunting. While there are a number of ways to decorate each area of the house for this howling holiday, why not get a garage door in on it this year? There are some really creative ways to makeover garage doors just for Halloween, and each of them is more ghoulishly great than the next.

1. The Pumpkin Garage. The pumpkin is an iconic image for Halloween, so why not turn the entire garage door into one giant pumpkin? Cover the garage doors in orange garbage bag material then use black paper to tape up the triangle eyes, nose and a mouth. Some green paper can also be used to make a stem at the top and leaves.

2. The Black Cat. Like the pumpkin, garbage bags can also be used to turn the garage door into the black face of a spooky cat. Cover the door in black garbage bags with some heavy duty tape, and use yellow and green paper to make eyes, with pink paper to make a triangle nose and a tongue. Draw whiskers on with chalk.

3. Zombie Garage! This is for those who have windows on their garage doors. First, measure the windows. Secondly, trace your hands on black cardboard paper and cut out the shapes. Stick the cutouts onto some wax paper using a glue stick and let them dry completely. Finally, mount them inside the windows with clear tape. For best results, have a backlight to add to the effect.

4. The Haunted House. Everyone knows the haunted house is one of the scariest places to be come Halloween night, and you can turn your garage door into the spookiest haunted house of them all. If your garage door is black, use painted cardboard pieces to create the facade of a haunted house and attach with tape. Add a circle yellow moon and some bats flying in the distance. Ghosts are very easy to make with some white paper or sheets. Cut out some ghost shapes and hang from the top of the garage door with some fishing line. Don’t forget to use a black marker and draw on some circle eyes and a mouth.

5. Cute Pumpkin Decorations. A pumpkin patch is a less threatening motif, and you can make a cute pumpkin patch along the bottom of the garage doors. Cut out some pumpkin shapes from orange poster board and attach along the bottom. Connect the pumpkins with green ribbon to make vines.

6. Graveyard. A graveyard scene is a classic Halloween motif and incredibly easy to put together. Cut out some tombstone shapes from gray construction paper, and write messages with black marker like “RIP” and “Here Lies Fred.” Attach to the garage door with tape to finish it off. You can also add some spooky props outside, such as tombs, coffins, cobwebs, old candelabras, skeletons, and zombies.

7. A stormy night. This can be crafted using aluminum foil cut into raindrops. Hang the drops from fishing line from the top of the garage door and add a bright full moon and some lightning bolts cut from yellow construction paper.

8. All in one. You can go all out, attaching a mash up of scary Halloween monsters along the garage door. Add plastic skeletons, a Frankenstein cut out, bats, ghosts and witches…anything you can think of to create the most frightening of monster parades.

9. Glow In The Dark. Another cool idea that is also safe when little kids will be around, is to use glow-in-the-dark decorations. It could be “Happy Halloween” or really any kind of decoration. For a better effect, you can also use a dim orange/yellow light outside and black cardboard cutouts in the shape of bats sticked to the garage door.

10. THE WORST NIGHTMARE. Please consider if you will have little kids visiting you, as this one is indeed very scary. My personal biggest fear is spiders. The picture says it all. Spider webs and fake spiders. You can buy the spiders or you can make them. There are many online resources that teach you how to create these kind of spiders.

Decorating for Halloween is supposed to be fun, so let your imagination go wild in dreaming up new decor. No spot should be left uncharted, and this includes the garage door. Get this area of your home in on the fun and you will have trick or treaters naming your house the spookiest, and coolest, on the block.

Please comment and tell us how you are planning to decorated your home, garden, or garage doors for Halloween! We want to hear your ideas.