First impressions make an impact particularly when it is the major focal point of your home. Taking up as much as 40 percent of your real estate, it is wise to look upon the garage door as complementary part of the existing architecture. In form and function, it should offer both curb appeal and reliability. In deciding how to upgrade your garage door, it starts with a proper evaluation of the existing condition.

Why You Might Want to Upgrade

How long has it been since you took a good look at your garage door? It is easy to overlook deficits even as it is used daily. Is it in good condition? Does it operate properly and safely? Given that the garage door is a precision instrument maintained under high tension with springs, your concerns for the safety of your door calls for a consultation with a garage door installation service professional for a proper evaluation and best recommendations. Some repair and maintenance is not advised as a DIY project as it can be dangerous and even deadly

Painting and Dent Removal

Your garage door endures the elements of weather year-round. Normal wear and tear is enough to substantiate the need to refresh your garage door paint. Faded paint both looks bad and leaves your door susceptible to rust. One method of painting aluminum garage doors is a faux wood grain technique for a dynamic change of appearance.

Depending upon the component material of your door, you may have numerous options for how to proceed with garage door dent removal, or you may want to have garage door installation professionals see to them before painting. Some dents are reparable while others necessitate replacement of the door altogether.

Pros and Cons of Different Materials

Modern garage doors offer improvements in design, technology, strength, endurance and functionality. For residents of Nashville TN and Atlanta GA, improving the appearance while complementing both the existing architecture and the atmosphere of the neighborhood remain high on the checklist. Installing a better style of garage door for your home or business may be the solution to many issues while providing you with the ease, convenience, safety and security of a fully functional door.

As part of any inspection of the condition of your garage door, you may decide to learn more about the different materials available. Ask your professional for care requirements. Some require more care and maintenance than others to perform at optimal levels. For example, natural wood is undeniably beautiful but needs periodic refinishing. Composite doors made from a combination of natural and synthetic materials offer an alternative with the look of real wood that does not warp, crack or rot while providing superior durability. Steel doors make an excellent choice but could use waxing to prevent rust should you be located in a particularly humid area.

Benefits of New and Improved Doors 

You may be pleasantly surprised by the benefits of a new garage door installation. The technology of today’s garage doors offers a silent glide, doing away with the noisy garage door. Garage door insulation is an energy-saving aspect not previously considered before improvements showed how well they work. Advanced security features provide increased peace of mind when it comes to protecting vehicles and possessions contained in the garage as well as the property and occupants within the home or business.

Of all the home improvements you can make, upgrading the garage door ranks very high for ROI. Few projects deliver as much reward or excitement. The popularity is shared by many as the visual appeal makes an impression on all who pass by your property.

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