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A garage door is truly a thing of beauty. It effectively secures the items inside a garage. When the motor drive, the hinges, the track, and the lock all work in sync, just as the performers in an orchestra, it illustrates the seriousness of its purpose of keeping your things safe and secure

A durable, long lasting garage door is important to purchase as it will reflect the usefulness and value for the money. A good garage door should be strong, durable, and quiet in its use (in a way, its sort of like picking a significant other). This is because functionality is at the core of every good door.

Garage doors in older homes tend to be a one panel door. This type is one piece that tilts back and slides towards the ceiling. If they’re made of metal they can be quite durable. Newer homes have many panels which are connected together and roll upward on a track. These are more practical and durable as they’re made of strong polymers that withstand the elements. Furthermore they slide out of the way better than one panel doors.

The sectional garage door is quickly becoming a popular choice, especially in expensive homes. They’re similar to French doors in that they open in a sideways motion as opposed to an upward motion. In addition they’re made of pre-tensioned steel, finished with either polyester paint or faux wood inserts. These are functional and stylish at the same time. They can be a little more expensive than the aforementioned two doors, but it’s a worth while investment as it will add to the aesthetic beauty of any home.

Having the right garage door opener goes a long way towards ensuring the durability of any garage door. Both are married together maximizing performance and longevity. For instance, the screw drive type uses a drive screw that is connected to the motor; this ensures the fastest speed. It’s the most expensive but requires very little maintenance.

Then there’s the belt drive opener where a belt is connected to the motor and moves along the track. This one isn’t as expensive as the screw type and is quite brisk in its movement as well.

The chain drive system is the least expensive; it’s a chain that moves along the track and works in conjunction with the motor, if available. Older homes use this type of opener; most of the time it doesn’t have a motor, meaning its opened manually. It requires frequent upkeep and maintenance.

For durability and safety purposes, modern garage doors have safeguards that prevent accidents. Torsion springs allow the door to be opened or closed only when there are no obstacles. If a child on a bike were to enter through an about to close door, the springs would activate a mechanism enabling the door to automatically stop; saving a life in the process. The really modern doors have sensors that detect an obstacle and act accordingly, similar to anti-lock brakes in a vehicle.

Therefore durability is all about having the right garage door and opener for purposes of convenience and reliability. To have a reliable garage door and garage door opener will give you peace of mind, safety, & security. You will be continually reminded that you made a good investment because while your neighbors are complaining about their garage door, you’ll still be pleased and relieved with yours. That’s the most durable garage door.

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