How to Purchase a Garage Door

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First, decide what factors are the most important for you so you can best compare your different options. Some factors that you should consider are price, durability, time of job, easy installation, aesthetic, and practicality.

Make a chart with the garage door models you are considering at the top and then a column with the different factors that are important to you going vertically on the side. This way you can make notes and rank how each model measures up in each category so you can see the big picture and make the best decision.

Prices for one new garage door range from $650-00 on average including installation. You’ll be down about another 0 if you want an automatic garage door opener. Before you decide on a garage door you will want to get at least three different estimates. The price usually depends on the type of garage door you want and the material you want it made out of.

The different kinds of materials that are common for garage doors are natural wood, steel, aluminum & glass, or faux wood. Wood doors are more expensive than steel ones and wood ones will need to be repainted every few years. One of the advantages of getting wood over steel is that you can customize the paint and stain to match your house. Also take into account that wood encounters more wear and tear from the environment than steel or fiberglass. Aluminum garage doors require virtually no maintenance from the owner. Aluminum doors are lightweight so they tend to last longer because they are easier on mechanics. Wood is the priciest option but remember investing in a wooden garage door will also increase the value of your home.

Something else to consider when buying a garage door is whether or not you want it insulated. Benefits of having an insulated garage door are that it helps regulate the temperature inside your garage. This means no more dreading freezing cold trips bringing groceries from your car in the winter. An insulated garage will also help your garage not feel like a sauna in the summer. If your house is attached to the garage then having your garage door insulated will help prevent the room near the garage to get drafty and will save on costs and energy to heat your home. Insulation not only helps control temperatures it also will help regulate noise and will keep the area and the surrounding areas quiet. If you live on a busy street an insulated garage can really help keep the noise down.

A garage door is a large moving object so safety is also something to consider when purchasing a garage door. You can select a garage door that is anti-pinch so fingers do not get stuck in the door. There are also garage doors that can sense movement and if you pressed the control to make the garage go down, it will stop if it senses motion underneath it. After your garage door is installed you should make sure you are very familiar with how it works and make sure that you keep the instruction manual. The springs on your garage door are extremely powerful enough that they can kill you so extreme caution needs to be taken with them.

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