Garage Door Repair Kennesaw GA

As with all technologies, the mechanics and esthetics of automatic garage doors continue to improve with each passing year. More attractive designs, materials and finishes as well as improved operating mechanisms make upgrading or installing a new garage door a smart decision. Aside from the convenience and curb appeal, a good looking and well-functioning garage door generates a significant return on investment, increasing equity for resale or refinancing.

Even though a typical automatic garage door and opener will usually last for many years, maintenance issues do crop up occasionally. While there are some repairs and maintenance issues homeowners can tackle on their own, because of the weight of the door and the complexity of the operating mechanism, major garage door repairs may best be left to a professional. Whether you decide to tackle the job yourself or call a technician, as many home burglaries happen either in or through the garage a malfunctioning garage door should be repaired ASAP, or it is like putting out a welcome mat for criminals.

Troubleshooting Garage Door Problems

Here are a few common garage door problems and the possible solutions:

Problem: Door will not open or close.

Solution: Check the keypad to first find out if the opener is working. If so the remote may need reprogramming, or possibly just new batteries. If not it may be a short in the electrical system.

Problem: The door sticks during operation.

Solution: Check to see if the tracks have a buildup of dirt or other debris. If so, clean the tracks with a soft cloth and warm soapy water and then lubricate the rollers and hinges with mechanic’s oil. If the door still sticks the tracks may be out of alignment and need professional service.

Problem: Door falls when released.

Solution: When released the door should stay in position; if the door falls it is probably due to worn or weakened springs.

Problem: Door pops opens by itself.

Solution: This is the opposite problem of weak springs, as the spring tension is too strong. In this case the springs should be changed to less powerful ones.

Dangers of DYI Repairs

Homeowners who are handy with a wrench and screwdriver may be tempted to try to perform major garage door repairs themselves. However, modern garage doors are somewhat complex, depending on a high-tension torsion springs and specialized electric motors. Attempting to repair or maintain many of the parts and systems without proper training may result in serious injury. Unless you are very mechanical and experienced with various types of maintenance, most types of major garage door repairs should be left to a professional.

As an example, replacing the torsion springs can be dangerous if not done properly, as the spring can snap during removal or installation and cause serious injury or property damage. The torsion springs are designed to assist operating the door with a minimal amount of power, but over time the springs will begin to lose some strength. Generally speaking, rewinding or replacing garage door torsion springs is not a job for the typical homeowner. Torsions springs have enough force to cause critical or even fatal injury. If installed or repaired incorrectly the springs may also unexpectedly come lose during operation, casing the door to suddenly fall and potentially hit a vehicle, or worse, injure or possible even kill someone walking under the door.

As a final note of caution, most garage door repair and maintenance tasks require climbing a ladder. As falling from a ladder is one of the leading causes of accidental home injury the typical homeowner will be at risk. If you are not experienced, or comfortable, with using a ladder it is best to call a service technician.

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