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Pests in the Garage

Garage Doors Sandy Springs GAYour garage is often crawling with pests, no matter how often you vacuum every crevice of the area. Some pests are harmless but others can cause a lot of problems with your hobby place or vehicle in the garage. You need to educate yourself about preventing the infestation of certain pests so that your belongings can be secure. Knowing about pest control can also help to prevent any major repair and replacement expenses in the future. Here are some points discussing common garage pests and how to control them. 

Common Garage Pests – 

Rodents – Mice and rodents love the garage space because there are often cardboard boxes. However, a lot of people don’t know that these pests tend to gravitate towards the under-hood space of little used vehicles. The result is a chewed up cable system of an expensive vehicle. Plus, if you drive your car with a rodent in it, you would have to deal with a blocked engine and horrible smell. 

Cockroaches – Cockroaches might seem harmful but actually, they signal that a place is unclean and in need for a good vacuuming. To keep cockroaches at bay, all the nooks and crannies of the garage are often sealed by owners but these pests still make their way into the house. They do this through vehicles, storage boxes and other items that are brought into the garage. Also, cockroaches can infest the place pretty quickly, inviting other pests with them. 

Spiders – If you have spiders in your house, chances are that they will spread to your garage. Although these pests do not hamper your car or cause any large expenses, they can sometimes bite you. Some spider varieties are poisonous and this can be dangerous for all members of the family. Often, poisonous varieties travel in the car, hiding in the windshield or under the car. 

Stored Product Pests – Ever stored your old school books in the garage only to find that the pages have been eaten? Often, woolens are found with holes in them when you take them out of storage. These are all the works of pests who specifically attack stored products. They include beetles, mites and moths. Some of these pests can also attack stored food products like grains and flour, thereby carrying a lot of destruction in their wake.

Termites – If you think that only your timber products are at risk from these pests, look again and you will notice termites in any cellulose based product. This means that all your old memories, books and precious mementos are at risk. 

Moisture – Moisture is such a destructive element in your garage that is has become a pest. Moisture also gives way to mold, staining and water damage in your garage area. This can cause all the items to be destroyed. Plus, your garage would always have a stale smell. Mold is also known to cause various health issues like asthma, and allergies.

Simple Preventative Tips – 

Sprays – There are many pest sprays available in the market and you use them to break infestations in your garage.

Garage Doors Sandy Springs GACall Pest Control – For particularly nasty infestations like rodents or ants, you can call in a professional pest control company. 

Better Storage – Instead of cardboard boxes, go for storage containers made from plastic or metal. Ensure that they have airtight lids. Make sure the items inside the container are stored in sealed bags. Consult a handyman for moisture problems in the garage. 

Garage doors that are sealed prevent rodents and other pests from entering the garage. Also, there are finishes and stains available for garage doors that prevent pest infestation and damage.


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