It’s funny how you can look at the same thing every day and not notice signs of wear and tear. Signs of decay that have happened so slowly over time, that doesn’t even register in your mind, until you have a problem. The garage door can be like that. You see it at least twice a day when you leave home and return. You use it at least twice a day to get your car in or out of the garage but you don’t really notice it. Tiny hitch as the door goes up that gets greater over time. The soft squeal that becomes louder as time passes. All signs that your door is getting older as we all are and might need some repair or even to be replaced.


One of the reasons problems with your garage door need to be taken seriously, not just for aesthetic of your house, is that your garage door is part of the security of your home. Many people leave the door between their house and their garage unlocked for just this reason. Why lock the inner door when there is still a door between the house and the world? A damaged garage door can be as much of a safety risk as a damaged front door so if your garage door is not in the greatest shape, repair, or replacement of the garage door should be a priority.

Telltale Signs

Here are some signs your door might need some attention. If it has a hitch or other sign that the operation is not smooth, this is a sign for concern. This is true whether the garage door is manual or automatic. The smooth operation of the door is a good sign that it is safe and in good repair, while a hitch, hesitation or rattle are signs that It is not. Speaking of rattles, excessive noise when operating a garage door is another sign that not all is well. There is a normal amount of noise associated with operating a garage door, and only you can know what is normal for yours, but a sudden increase in noise is an indicator of ill door health.


Depending on the severity of the problems, replacement might not be necessary. If the problem is small, sometimes the garage door can be repaired. If the problem is noise, such as creaks and screeches, give the hardware a check for rust. The spring and rollers are exposed to the elements and can develop rust, which will cause the garage door to make noise. A simple routine check of the hardware will show whether the problem is localized to one area, meaning a repair is possible or if it is too widespread and replacement is in order. This advice works on the moving parts of the garage door. If your door is made of steel and the door itself is rusted, replacement is usually in order.

Time to Shop

If you’ve decided that replacement is in order, and then it’s time to go shopping for a new one. Depending on how long it’s been since you’ve shopped for a new garage door, you might be surprised at the innovations in garage doors. They come in a variety of materials from wood to aluminum and a variety of styles to suit the exterior décor of your home. Newer models are also more energy efficient with features such as insulation to help keep your home weather tight. After you decide on the material, then you need to consider things like color, style and design to make sure your new door suits your home or might even be the cause for some other exterior sprucing up such as new paint or trim. A new garage door could be the kick off to a whole new look for the exterior of your home.

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