Garage Door Maintenance North Atlanta GA

Your garage is one area of the house that is most overlooked and yet, the most important. The door that you choose for your garage decides the appeal of your curb. If you use your garage for a lot more than just keeping your vehicle safe, you have even more need to spend some time and money on choosing the perfect garage door. There are various types of garage doors available in the market; some are extremely expensive and others are relatively affordable. No matter what your budget is, you need to know the garage door types available to you. Garage Door Maintenance North Atlanta GA is important, and the following are some basic types of garage doors that you should know about:

Swing Out or Swing In Garage Door – Swing out or swing in carriage doors are amazing if your focus in not just on utility but also on style. Also, you need to have enough space inside or outside the door to facilitate the swinging action. The swing out and swing in door type is available in almost all materials and styles.

Sliding Garage Door – A sliding garage door has panels which slide in either direction, instead of swinging. This is a massive space saver and is ideal for those people who don’t have a lot of space in front of the door and don’t want to waste space inside the garage. Sliding doors can have sectional panels that slide left or right for ease of use.

Roll Up Garage Door – Roll up doors come with tracks that facilitate garages of almost all heights. The door simply rolls up when you need to get in or out and space is saved on the floor. Instead, the door climbs along the ceiling. Sectional roll ups are the most popular kind of garage doors because they are available in a lot of styles, designs and materials, and are also simple to install.

Wooden Garage Door – Wooden doors are simply beautiful to look at and because of the variety and options of wood, you can stay in your budget and still get a wooden door. Cedar, redwood and mahogany are expensive options while lightweight wooden doors with insulation and hardwood skins are the least expensive. However, wooden doors need a lot of maintenance. You have to paint them every couple of years and they are vulnerable to weather and termites if preventative measures are not adopted.

Steel Garage Door – If you don’t have the time or money to maintain your garage door, go for metal options. Steel is the obvious choice since it is tough and is resistant to rust, provided you go for quality and high-grade steel. A lot of people go for steel and fiberglass combo since fiberglass adds more sturdiness to your door. Budget steel doors are easily available in the market if you research for them a bit.

Aluminum Garage Door – There used to be a time when aluminum doors were sturdy, basic and inexpensive. However, they didn’t enjoy a long life or great warranties. Now, high grade aluminum doors are easily available in the market for almost the same cost. The frames of these doors are extremely durable and if you want to spend a bit more, you can go for laminated aluminum doors with dent free panels. These doors are light in weight and don’t need a lot of maintenance either.

You also have the option of going for insulated and energy saving doors. Canopy doors and doors that swing over the frame are also available in the market. Always remember that cheaper doors would have simple components and minimum warranty while expensive doors would have longer warranties with more quality and choice.

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