How well would your garage door perform under pressure? Here’s Dan Watkins of All Four Seasons Garage Doors to put three different types of typical door material to the test- maybe yours is one of them!

That economy sheet metal door may look tempting to install, but take it from Dan, it’s probably worth it to think about an insulated steel backed or polyurethane model. Accidents do happen, after all! Ever backed into your garage door or almost backed into it? That’s a lot like the treatment Dan gives these garage door panels as he runs over them with his Jeep.

Spending an additional 0 up front on a better door will definitely keep Dan and his All Four Seasons Garage Door repair crew away from your house for a longer time. In this video, Dan shows us why it’s important to consider door material in your choice to install or replace your garage door. Three sample door panels get the treatment of having a couple of thousand pounds of pressure applied, and the results are in!

Not only will a door made of better materials last longer, they are better insulated and stand up to the rigors of being hauled up and down several times a day, every day.

And they look better too! Make your Marietta GA home look its best with one of All Four Seasons’ huge variety of styles, colors, materials and brand names. There are way more choices than you might think for your simple garage door.

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