All Four Seasons Roll up Garage Doors Milton GA | Types of Commercial Garage Doors Available

There are two types to consider. But first, you have to answer a few questions to help you streamline the process.

How often will vehicles be entering and leaving? How often and what type of equipment will be hauled in or out?
There are three types that are worth investigating.

  1. Roll up doors: This is a choice that is suitable for areas that have space constraints. The doors roll up and into the structure leaving plenty of room for movement and storage.
  2. Sectionals: Sectional doors provide excellent security and energy efficiency while maintaining the aesthetics of the fascia.
  3. High Efficiency Doors: These are the best doors for a business with a lot of movements. You can use them to separate sections of your property to prevent the loss of costly energy.

Weight of Doors

The next thing you need to think about is the weight of your doors ;for commercial use, this is of the utmost importance. Why? Because your doors will inevitably see a lot of wear and tear.. They will most likely be affected by impact damage. This is due to little accidents from vehicles,workers, and other equipment making contact with them.

Typically, commercial garage doors are made from very heavy-duty material that is more durable than garage doors made for residential units.

Garage Door Fabrication Materials

There are several choices of garage door fabrication materials. Wood, Glass, Steel and Aluminum in medium heavy and extra heavy. Each material has a unique thickness.

You can look for these doors under several other types as well which offer more features. These are fire-rated, rolling steel, advanced service doors and security doors.

So let’s recap how to choose the best commercial garage door for your business.

First, we said you have to assess your business. Make sure you have good knowledge of what your garage door needs are. Make sure you know how much activity your doors may see. The next logical step is to determine how you want the doors to operate when opening and closing. Then choose the fabrication material and your’re ready for installation.

Choosing a commercial garage door for your Milton GA business doesn’t have to be complicated.It just takes knowing the function first and the mechanics next. With this formula,your commercial garage doors will serve you well into the future.

Garage Door Warranties

Once you’ve settled on your garage door choice, make sure you negotiate a warranty prior to installation. This should include a warranty against malfunction of the original parts by the manufacturer. How long the warranty lasts will be determined by the warranty company; the company that manufactured the door and what type of door you chose. For example, the glass partition style door may have a different warranty than the steel roll up door. Also, be aware that the warranty will not cover certain things such as incidents caused to property or people due to a malfunctioning door.This is the job of your liability insurance. Warranties will not cover a malfunctioning door if it was maintained or repaired by an outside service.

Always discuss warranty prior to choosing your door.

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