5 Garage Door Styles that Homeowners Should Consider

When an individual decides to build a new house or make renovations to the home, they’ll need to make a wide variety of decisions. The decisions that they make will not only affect the actual value of the home, but also how the home looks to others. Therefore, if the individual would like for the construction that is being done to look like they desire, it is important for them to do their research on the front end to see what is available to them. One specific area that people should make sure they research prior to making an investment is their choice of garage door. This is because the type of styles selected are essential to the overall look of the home.

With this being said, here are 5 primary styles to select from.

#1 – Traditional style Garage Doors

When a homeowner is deciding what kind of garage door they would like, they may have the option of choosing a traditional style design for their garage doors. Because they are the most common style, many of the homes that are built today have this design installed. It is important to note that traditional doors are normally made of one piece and can be opened by sliding the door straight up into the garage ceiling.

#2 – Carriage style 

In some cases, an individual may decide that a carriage style door is a better fit for their home, so they will have garage door experts install in a carriage style door in a future home or if they decide to renovate their current house. Either way, the homeowner can expect these doors to be made of wood, though it is possible that they are made of other materials. Carriage style doors can also be distinguished by small windows which are located at the top. These doors are also made to open up at the middle since their design is made solely of one piece of solid material.

#3 – Raised panel 

Raised panel doors are normally easy for most people to recognize and distinguish from one style to another. It is also important to note that based on the individual and their preferences these doors can be made of a variance of materials, including steel, aluminum or wood. Further, because they are made up of raised panels, they can fold into the ceiling. Fortunately, this style comes in numerous different colors so people can choose the best colors for their home.

#4 – Flat panel doors

If the homeowner wants to make renovations to the outside of their home, they may find that changes to the garages’ design are the perfect modification. This is because flat panel doors are often more sophisticated and elegant than the traditional styles. Also, these garages are primarily made wood with certain grain textures.

#5 – Ribbed panel 

Another style that some people prefer to other designs is the ribbed panel doors. Even though this style is normally found in commercial settings, they can be used in residential settings as well. In this design, each panel is composed of several ribs so people can pick and choose the ones that suit their home best.

The five styles listed above are some of the more popular and common designs for today’s homes. However, homeowners should know that there are other styles available too, some of which are in fancier styles that fit the taste of each homeowner. For instance, homeowners who live in urban areas may choose a cottage look. So, people should make sure that they are shopping around in order to find the best look for their residences.

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