The Overlooked Entry Point For A Burglar

You have just come back from a nice relaxing vacation, you feel at ease and ready to get home. The photos of your trip have already been liked and you can’t wait to tell your friends all about the amazing time you had. Once you start to pull into your driveway you notice that the door to your garage has been tampered with. Thanks to your quick thinking, you phone the police and wait for them outside.

After the police arrive and check the home for intruders you will then be able to enter and assess the situation. First make a point to take photos of everything before anything is moved. You may have a great memory, but in a stressful situation you may forget about the vase that ended broken on the floor, next to where your television used to be. Depending on the damage to your home and your insurance you may be able to replace some of your items, but restoring your comfort and security is a different matter. One that will be aided by taking charge and improving the security of your home. What are the areas you should focus on first? Entry points such as front and back doors, sliding glass doors and the garage door.

The garage is an entry point that often gets overlooked. While most people have some type of number pad on the side of their garage, this may be the only thing preventing a criminal from entering your home. Unfortunately a four digit number, like the one you use with your garage can be hacked. Once a criminal is able to access your garage, there may be little stopping them for entering your home.

Garage Door Service for Security

So how does a homeowner protect their family and themselves? By developing secure entry points throughout your home. Defense is the first step in securing your home, and the garage is where the front line starts. Aside from a keypad system for opening your garage, you probably have a garage door opener that you keep with you, or in the car. Luckily technology has continued to expand the possibility of a secure remote signal, which means that each time your door is opened the receiver is passed a new code from the opener. A criminal may be able to discover your opener’s signal but it won’t be helpful because it changes every time.

Another option for a homeowner looking to enhance the security of their garage, is through the use of an alarm system. An alarm system can mean different things to everyone. Low key options range from motion sensor lights, to signs warning to beware of a dog. As you climb the expense range you have a greater number of options. Alarm systems sophisticated enough to tell the difference between a stray animal and a person crossing your lawn. There are systems that can be tied to security networks, where agents are on standby to assist you. Some systems produce a signal that alerts local authorities to any possible situations. There are also people you can hire to drive by your home routinely to keep an eye out for suspicious activity.

Having your home broken into can be one of the scariest and most stressful times of your life. Finding a way to secure your home and restore your peace of mind can be accomplished by taking charge, with steps to protect the entry points to your place. Paying special attention to front and back doors, sliding glass doors and garage doors will go a long way restoring your sense of security.

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