Garage Doors Sandy Springs GA

Tired and old, it slowly crept up the driveway and sought the garage as a final resting place. With a dying gasp and comatose brakes, it cleared each side of the narrow one car garage and came to rest in its familiar stall. The action could have been a comedy film clip, but there was one problem! It wasn’t, and the closed garage door now lay in several large pieces on the roof and nose of the worn out car! It was one of those little dramas that seem unbelievable until they happen. However, it simplified one answer to a sometimes debatable question. Yes, you do need a new garage door! That decision was just made, but the choice involves more time and thought before commitment.


Wood has traditionally been the material of the majority of house structures in Sandy Springs and continues to offer style options and finishes for the garage door. For example, windows are easily available in wooden garage doors, and to change colors or give a new look thru the years, one simply needs a new coat of paint. However, even if a change of color is not desired, a new coat of paint will be needed with the wood. Maintenance is ever present,and rotting wood hinders durability. The least expensive wood is painted hardwood panels, but the regular wood panels, which cost a little more, offer more curb appeal. Wood doors are quieter going up and down.

Perhaps the most popular garage doors are made of some grade of steel, for steel panels can vary in price, present an attractive appearance, and have a long life. They offer little heat insulation, and prices will vary with the thickness of the steel panels The thicker panels will seldom be damaged by weather or flying objects like basketballs. The thinner panels still provide a solid door that serves well. Steel is available in a variety of textures and styles, can be painted, and has low maintenance.

Doors also come in several other materials which present strengths and weaknesses. Aluminum has many of the qualities of steel, is available in more faux textures and is less expensive than the steel. However, it does dent easily and is less resistant to wear. Composite wood doors are made of wood fibers, are strong like steel, and can be painted. They resist rot and splitting more than the wood doors, but lack the warm appearance of regular wood. Fiberglass also resists salt waters near the ocean, but fades quickly. Consider the climate of Sandy Springs GA and how your garage doors fare.


Since many garage doors have a prominent role in the curb appeal of a house, it is fairly important that the two have matching styles. The raised panel door has become the most popular and comes in a variety of prices and materials. It is complimentary to the majority of American traditional homes. The most modern homes often feature the garage in a very prominent position. Doors of tempered glass panels, enclosed in painted aluminum frames, are popular on the modern style. Ornate windows are often considered, and carriage style doors, replica of past days, are very popular on some modern homes. It is a fact that a new garage door increases the value of a house more than many remodeling projects.

Becoming aware of what is offered, comparing prices, services, and sales of dealers and contractors in the area, and identifying needs and preferences is important in making a wise choice of a new garage door. However, a striking new facade at the end of the driveway, adding new curb appeal and providing new convenience to the home, is a very positive result to come from one of those splintered moments of life.

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