Garage Door Security Tips

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The US Crime statistics indicate that burglars break into a home every 15 seconds. One of the weakest entry points for burglars is the garage door. Most homeowners assume that their overhead garage door is safe when it is connected to an opener, but several vulnerable points exist such as the emergency release. The release provides an alternative access to the garage when there is a power outage or emergency; however, criminals can take advantage of the fixture to gain entry into your home. To prevent unauthorized access or break-ins through your garage doors Kennesaw GA, you need to undertake the following security measures:

Secure your garage door emergency release using a zip tie

You can prevent a break-in through your garage door by running a zip tie through the open holes on the emergency release switch. However, this security measure is much more practical if you are traveling out on a vacation or away from home for some time.

Install a security camera

Installing a security camera can help you deter criminals from gaining entry into your home using the garage door. A well functioning video surveillance system that is connected to your home security systems can trigger an alarm and alert emergency services in case anyone tries to enter your house through garage door.

Put up a bulldog clamp

The bulldog roller shutter door lock is a very sturdy device that can be used to secure the garage door. However, the installation process takes time because the device must be secured on the floor below the garage door using a drill.

Use motion detector lights

You can upgrade your current security system with a more secure system with motion detector lights. Motion detectors work by detecting moving objects as well as body temperature using infrared waves. When the detector picks up any suspicious object, it will turn the lights on for some time. Detectors can easy spot people, cars and animals.

Install a vacation lock

The other simple way to secure your garage door when you are away from Kennesaw is by installing new layer of security using a heavy duty vacation garage deadlock. The great thing about this device is that it is cheap. The unit works by sliding a lever through the garage door track to secure the door. Once the lever is placed over the track and the lock is engage, it becomes almost impossible to for anyone to gain access into the garage door.

Use garage door timers

Timers can be installed on the keypad that links up to the opening and closing control and the garage door track. You can set up an automated timer to close your garage door before nightfall because an open garage door is an open invitation for criminals to enter into your house. The set up is mostly convenient in situations where you are forced to leave your home and kids in a rush.

The other techniques of securing your garage door

You can also secure the door leading into the garage door using a more secure lock, multiple locks or a programmed padlock. The door should be made of high quality materials such as metal, solid wood or fiberglass. You can also consider covering your house and garage windows using curtains or blinds to prevent potential burglars from peeping through the windows. Besides the curtains and blinds, you can also use an opaque or translucent glass film to cover the windows. This type of film will allow you to see what is outside the window and prevent anyone from outside checking what is inside the house or garage.

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