Garage Door Maintenance Tips

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Keeping up the maintenance on your home is really important. However, a lot of people don’t realize that it’s equally as important to keep up maintenance on garage doors. It will keep them looking newer and working longer than if you don’t do any maintenance on them. Here are some garage door maintenance tips for our Dunwoody GA customers.

One tip is to check the cables that lift your garage door. Do not try to do anything yourself with these because if something goes wrong you could getting really hurt or even die. What you can do is check to make sure that they are in great condition. If they aren’t then you can hire an approved professional to fix the cables.

Another maintenance tip is to grease the parts on your garage door that move. This will help you get more years out of your garage door since the parts that move will work longer. You can find lubricant in a spray can at most mass retailers. Use this to spray the chain and the screws. You also want to spray the overhead springs.

If you notice that anything seems stuck, like the rollers, then you can use kerosene to take care of the problem. Use an old toothbrush to get the kerosene into the cracks of the rollers. Then use steel wool to remove any rust that can be found. This should make your rollers work smoothly again.

You should make sure that the garage door tracks do not have any debris in them. If they do then you should try to clean it out. If you notice that there are some adjustments that need to be made then you should hire a professional to look at the garage door.

To keep your garage door looking nice there are several things that you can do. You can use a basic cleaner to wipe down the outside of the door to keep it looking nice. If you have a door made of steel then you can sand off any rust spots that you see. Also adding a new coat of paint can keep your garage door looking its best.

When doing maintenance to your garage door make sure to check the weather stripping. You want to make sure it’s in good repair. Check to make sure that it isn’t jamming the garage door. If it is then you need to take it down and add new stripping.

Make sure that you keep all the brackets and bolts tight. You want to check them frequently to make sure that they are not loose. The movement from the garage door going up and down hundreds of times each year often loosens them. If you notice they are take a socket wrench and tighten them.

Make sure that your garage door is balanced. This is really important because if it is not balanced then the garage door opener will have to work harder and you will have to replace it more often might be in for more garage door repair. What you need to do is disconnect the garage door opener by pulling the cord. Then push the garage door up so it’s halfway open. If it falls back down then your garage door is not balanced. You will need to hire a professional to get it re-balanced.

It’s important to do maintenance on garage doors. If you want yours to last a long time then follow these simple tips. By checking the cables, greasing parts, tightening all the brackets and bolts, and making sure your garage door is balanced you will keep your garage door looking and working like new.

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