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Scare Up Some Fun: Make the Garage a Haunted House

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Turning your garage into a house of terror is a fun and creative way to get all the little ghost and ghouls screaming for more. All the planning and decorating may seem scary, but these tricky tips will turn your house of horrors into a grave success.

Clean up the place. It’s scary and dark and you don’t want to look, but you have to if you want to have a haunted house. Try to do this a week before you start to decorate. Open up the doors and air the place out. Gather up the trash, store away seasonal items. Get a broom and do a thorough job getting up any stray nails and debris. Now would be a good time to consider moving any big items like the mower or bikes into another spot till after Halloween.

Determine Your Theme

Garage Doors Woodstock GAConsider what kind of haunted house you want. Do you want the house to be silly, funny, scary and gross? Think about what age group will be coming to your house. If it’s going to be younger kids, you might want to tone things down and not have too many scary props and decorations there. People and things can jump out at them, just make sure to do it slower and not grab and yell at them. If there are older kids and young adults than you can push the envelope and make it really scary. A lot of fear has to do with the unknown. Have visitors go down dark paths with blind corners, and then have something or someone jump out and scare them. This look can be created with walls made of black painted cardboard boxes. Good places to acquire empty boxes are dollar stores and book stores. Just call and ask to speak to a manager and have them set some aside for you.

Plan an Entrance and an Exit

This may seem obvious but consider putting up signs for where visitors enter and leave. You don’t want somebody to make a wrong turn and think they should go behind the black curtain and run smack into your dirty clothes hamper. To avoid this, think of putting glow in the dark tape on the floor to help mark a path for your guests. Seal off and lock any doors that lead from the garage to your house to prevent someone from getting lost. Put up signs in your Woodstock neighborhood with directions to your haunted house and mention what the recommend age group is.

Add Music and a Fog Machine

Nothing helps set the mood better than ubiquitous fog and fearsome music.

Fog machines can be found on Amazon or big box stores as well as hardware stores and party supply stores.

Lots of Halloween shops and party stores offer CD’s filled with scary music as well as spooky sounds like creaking doors, hallowing wolves and screams of terror. Check local libraries too, they may have a more eclectic selection of songs and soundtracks to use.

Get friends and family involved. Have the kids join in the fun too by getting them to dress up as zombies or mummies that jump out and scare people as they go through the garage door. They could also just follow people slowly and sneak up on them. Nothing is more disturbing than feeling like someone is following you and then to turn around and see that they are!

It really doesn’t take a lot of time or money to make a haunted house; just use your imagination and you’ll have a garage of horrors.

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